Every Instagram business account without insight Instagram feature is incomplete. Unfortunately, some companies have Instagram business accounts but never look wisely at the insight part. They avoid Analyzing Instagram insights.

You set up a goal, you hire a very talented graphic designer, you have wonderful content on Instagram, you write a good bio, you start to have a good relationship with your audience but how do you want to know your follower deeper? Their preferences, their behaviors, their likes, and dislikes. This information opens a door to knowing the people you are dealing with.

What is Instagram insights?

New marketing is based on information; if you have an Instagram account can you ask the following questions? When is the best time for posting? Are followers interested in this post? What time is the best time for posting for your audiences? What kind of post are they looking for? Maybe you say the answers are so clear, but when you see the data you can your answers are not the same as you think. Instagram insight helps you go deeper into knowing your customers’ behavior. Whit Instagram insight you can analytics and empower your Instagram for your Business.

Marketing is no longer based on guesses and estimates, with Instagram Insights, you are be able to get more likes, earn more followers, and grow your account.

Why analyzing Instagram insights?

 Raw information like the number of likes and comments is important but it’s not just enough to know the raw audience. Instagram with insight gives you a chance to know more about your audience.

Understanding the meaning of statements?

Before analyzing Instagram’s insight, I would like to explain statements that Instagram frequently uses.

Reach and impression

Instagram uses two words Reach and impression but what is the difference? The impression is how many times a post has been seen; Reach is how many people saw the post. It might be a little confusing; a person may see a post several times it is counted for Impression but not for Reach.


Share is the number that shows how many times this specific post has been sanded to another user on Instagram. The educational content naturally has more Shares on insights.


Another number you can see on insights is the bookmark which means how many times this post has been saved. Naturally, you see a bigger number in tutorials, how-to posts, educational posts.

How to access insights?

If you have a business account the insights are a few clicks away.

Please go and tap on the hamburger menu on the right top of your account



Click on insight

instagram insights

After that Instagram opens a page called insights.

As you reached insight, you can see three tabs on the top, Content, Activity, and Audience. But what exactly shows Instagram on every tap? In the following paragraph, I will show you the meaning of every part of Instagram insight.

Content tap

This tap belongs to every individual post that you have on your Instagram account. If you scroll down you can see your current story and posts. In this part, you can see more information about your current post and story. If you want to see information about your entire post just click on all posts.

 instagram insights

Because in this scenario you will see all your posts, Instagram provides a filter section for sorting your content based on impression, likes, engagement, follows, get direction, Email, comments.

instagram insights

There is also another section for sorting your post based on time; one month, week, two weeks, or even two years ago.

instagram insights analize

Analyzing Instagram insights

It is very important to know, your goal is very the key. When you look at the insight or sorting content you should know what is your goal? What kind of post do you want to filter and why?

Analyzing posts

If you want to know which post is good for branding, you should look at the impression which is how many people look at that specific content. After impression engagement is important for branding awareness purposes. In case your goal is branding, you should sort posts according to impression and engagement and ignore those that drive customers to the website or get more clicks.

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Analyzing individual post

Instagram also has provided another feature for analyzing posts individually. This helps you to know more about every individual post. Under every post, there is a button named “view insights”. You can go to any post that you want, tap on” view insights” and see more information about that post.

In this case, you can see how many likes, comments, save and bookmark you received on that specific post as well as how many profile visits that post generated and how many reached for that post. Instagram provides more information about every post, just swipe up to see more data and information about every post.

When you swipe up you can see how many action click or website click this post has generated.

When you scroll down you can see the very important and interesting section called “Discovery”, another word is how this post is seen by Instagram users, followers on non-followers, everyone who sees this post. They might find your post on the feed, home, or hashtags. In my opinion, this number  in Analyzing Instagram insights is very important why? Because will show you how well this content performs on the Instagram area.

What about stories?

Instagram provides a section for analyzing stories either. All archive stories that you uploaded to your profile are available in this section.

Scroll down; look at the backward and forward sections. If your story is not interesting people simply go to the next. In this section, Instagram shows you if your story is interesting or people skip through. you can see which story gets more “forward” and “backward”. In case a certain Instagram story has more “backward” that means people wanted to see it again and you should work on this kind of story.

There is also exited option, if you have a series of stories with let us say 8 posts long, in this option you may see users leave the stories on number 3. In this scenario, the number of “exited” option will be 3 this option tells you, people, drop off your story after seeing the third story. You should ask yourself why? Something on story number three is wrong. Watch your story again and again to find the flaws.

instagram insights

When it comes to stories and analyzing stories most information losses when the story is expired, if you want to see who sees your stories you have only 24 hours to check. After that, this information is not available on Instagram story insights.

How to see who views my story?

Go to live story and click on “seen by” right below the live story and see users that see this story. Click on the eyeball, and then you can see who views your story.

instagram insights

You can see graph bar option right next to the eyeball icon. In this section, you will see information about reach. Very similar to what I explained about reach posts before.

instagram insights

Activity tab

instagram insights

As in content tab, Instagram shows you the information of every individual post, in Activity tap however Instagram show you the information of all post and stories in general. The information in this section belongs to the past seven days. If you want to save all your performance on this tap, you should export data on your Google Docs account.

Audience tab

In this tab, Instagram shows your account growth and follower demographic. This is a very good metric to show if your contents make follows and unfollow every day.

There is also very useful information about your follower about their gender, your followers’ locations, and their favorite time that your followers mostly are active on Instagram.

Now you know about insights I have Good news and bad news for you. The good news is you are a step ahead compared to your competitors. The bad news is this is not ending here, it is just the beginning you should know how to deal with this piece of a dataset.  

  Analyzing Instagram insights is interesting as if it is in the interest of knowing your audiences. You can call a meeting in your company to discuss for better performance.