Despite of many business owners, who use Instagram for selling products, many brands especially big brands looking for grow and build brand on Instagram rather than selling products or advertising. Instagram with 200 billion users is a good place for introduce and grow your brand.

Why we should use Instagram to build brand?

This platform with millions active users is a good place for advertising, selling products and introducing new products but many companies go further and see overseen, they do not just want to sell more, they want to see more people, they want to make connection, they want to make themselves recognized everywhere by the means of Instagram. That is why many digital markers and companies want to build brand on Instagram.

Branding on social media is more effective and easier than other tools. Posting on Instagram is almost free and no need to be professional.  All and all working with this platform is like no big deal. But for the better performance you need to know how to build brand on Instagram. Here I listed some tips and tricks that are much recommended to use.

Build a clear strategy

Building brand without clear strategy does not bring high performance. You need a rubust strategy.


Marketers are familiar with this word but if you are not, I would like to explain this word with an example. Think of your customers. what kind of persons are they? What is like and dislikes? What are their preferences? And many other questions that can lead you to write a good persona and build brand on Instagram. Write all these questions and think about every question deeply. Consider another brand that does well on this. How they present themselves?

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Consider tone, voice and theme

What is voice and tone of your brand? The personality or style of your brand and tone is subset of voice referring to the moods and attitudes of specific content which can change depending on the channel, the situation and audience.

What dose theme means? Just take a look at two pages below, the colors, pictures. Every picture is taken by a specific filter and sets of colors.  This depends on your creativity; you can use specific border or font. Take a look at the following pages, how beautiful they blend color, font, and theme to build a memorable brand.

build brand on Instagram

Best Posts to build brand on Instagram

You should include educational and inspiring posts on your contents. Educational contents are those that start with “how to” and try to teach something. Do not forget to use your brand name as a hashtag under every post.

Consider the best time for posting; this time depends on your audience and you can get the right from persona and analyzing insights. But all in all considering carousel posts brings more engagement and share. There is valuable information in insight section but if you don’t analyze your data and optimize your performance, you cannot be successful.

Share Instagram link on other platforms

Wherever you have an online presence, be sure to share the link to your profile so that your audience knows where to find you. Besides, very platform you have make sure you include a section for Instagram link and invite people to follow your page.

Instagram is a platform with high potation of brand awareness. It gives you the opportunity to build brand but you need to know it won’t happen in month it won’t happen in two months, it takes time and effort but it worth it.  Branding through social media brings more reach and revenue. My suggestion is to stay consist.

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