When some beginners start email marketing, I think of spam. What if I asked you to do one little thing, it is something that you are uniquely qualified to do but it could profoundly affect your business. Stop being a beginner in email marketing. Email Marketing has tips and tricks, if you are new to this game, the “email marketing for beginners “article is for you.

You can make your email as good as what you received from your best friend.

What is Email marketing?

The process of targeting audience and customers through email in order to boost conversion and revenue by providing readers with valuable information to help achieve their goals. 

In other words, using email for reaching target customers and offering new services and information through email. You see, e-mail marketing is not just for your business, it is not for growing what you want. It is about getting information and value to your users. That is what you should focus on, that is what sets your e-mail apart from every other spams email. That is what every beginner should focus on.

Why email marketing?

I always say if someone knows the “why would I do something” he or she finds a way to do it or “how to do it correctly”. Then first thing first, why do we need email marketing? E-marketing has branches; one of these branches is e-mail marketing, one of the very powerful ways to get more conversion.

Email marketing for beginners start with some fundamentals:

Build a segmented list

email marketing

Every customer is unique so why does everyone see all customers alike? Segmentation is the very key element in e-mail marketing. Build a list, group your customer.

Researchers find out marketers who use E-mail segmentation have 750 percent more revenue compared to other marketers who do not use E-mail segmentation. These statics is enough to show important is this.

How build a segment list?

First of all, you have to answer this question. How are you collecting your email addresses? Some came to your list from downloading an e-book page; some others come to your list from templates and so on. You can ask more about their preferences or job before letting him download that e-book.

Grouping users also give you a plan. As soon as you know about their priority, job and other information you will know their future need. In this way, you know how to offer them in the future.

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Researches show that automatically inserting customer and audience names can increase revenue by 18 percent. Think of these scenarios. -Hey, how are you? And – hey Jerry, how are you? Even some as simple as bringing the audience`s name in their email can make a big difference. Good news is if you insert personalization on first, you grow your number.

Personalization is not just about the name, you can personalize product recommendations. Studies show that inserting product recommendations in the subject line can increase the open rate by 41 percent. Shopify clime can recover 14 percent of abandoned shopping carts by personalization.


As I mentioned before, email personalization on subject can make a huge difference. Businesses man start to send weird subjects, some of them trigger curiosity, some use urgency, all in all, they want users to click on their e-mail at any cost. They find a very good wary to be spammed. They have been simply cast aside.

There are hundreds of books about ideas you can use for the subject line. Read more books and try to use better methods.

Simple layout

If you search the phrase ”e-mail template” you can see the result is more than a million. But which one is the best? No matter what kind of templates you are using, you should offer a simple message to the subscribers. Brief and to the point, the sorter you write an e-mail, the better and more effective.

Clean your list

Some subscribers almost do not use email, you should probably know some people never check their e-mail. If you found out some audiences are not engaged it may mean they never check their e-mail. Ignore them. Clean your list by deleting subscribers who never check their e-mail.

Some small businesses would say, sending every email will cost you around 1 cent. Then why would you keep sending emails to someone who never responds? Now we can say, another reason for cleaning e-mail list is economic reasons.

Studies show that companies spend 2.6 million dollars on subscribers that never open their emails. If you have planned to cut costs, I just showed you one of the best ways.

This strategy also works for subscribers who are mostly engaged. Keep them at the top of your list. As you receive more and more e-mail addresses, you need to clean your list more and more.

Now, You are not a beginner anymore, you know how to write and send email in the most effective way. It is your turn to build your own list and clean it.

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