Is email marketing important?

Are you thinking you can survive in the business world without email marketing?More than 3.4 million people with B use email in the world. It means more than half of the people who live on this planet.

Are you still thinking email marketing is useless? If so, you really should think of this number 3.4 milion people.

It is time to grow your business with e-commerce platforms. Social Media are places for customizing, marketing, and getting the attention of people who are willing to buy from you. Using Email is pretty easy, straightforward but is it as simple as going there becoming a member, and making money? Email marketing starts with three fundamentals.

Make your list

There are millions of potential people who have email accounts, they also have lots of preferences, and they are buyers. But buying a list of the customer is not a good idea. It may come with legal problems. Of course, buying a list from a company is easy but if you want to get more from e-marketing, you should go beyond. You should start gathering your email address. You have a site, if you are offering services, get their email. When people buy from you, make sure, you get their emails. With these strategies, you do not need to buy a list.

Manage and clean your list

In case you gather your email list, it is time to polish your list. Not every list is complete, not every list is ready to be used. Delete the wrong and non-relevant email.

Sent email to your list

Companies keep sending emails with no response. But why? Sometimes I receive some of these emails. I recognize some of these emails these problems are very common

First; some of them are too vague, I do not understand what they are offering. Second; some email comes from another country. The language is not clear. The translation is not good. If you are writing emails for other countries, just make sure. use grammar properly. Third, they do not use the correct template.

If you are not familiar with how to write an email correctly, here I provide the template for you.


In the first part of the email; introduce yourself, to what kind of product or service offering? What is your company working on? What should you be connected to?

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define a Pain in email marketing

Maybe pain is not the correct word but naturally, you are offering the solution for a problem that may your customer have, and then mention that problem in this part of your email.


As you are providing a solution for a certain problem, here where you should mention your Solution, For example, you are an academy working on teaching a foreign language, in the pain part you should mention the coronavirus problem and what is your solution for learning foreign language? New online classes that you are offering.

Call to action

Now it is time to ask them to click for more information or registration and so on.

Just make sure all these steps are clear, what you are offering. What kind of company are you? And the last part leads the customer to the right place.

email marketing

In the following paragraph, I would like to complete the template.

Hey {name of customer}

I recently check your website and I follow your Social Media accounts. It is pretty good that you use both but I am wondering why you have not used social media for getting more traffic for your website which is very good for the SEO of your website. Converting views of your social media is not difficult but can profoundly affect your website rank on google.

If you are interested in you can give more information with this phone number or (email) {website}. Be very gentle and polite use sentences like. If you are busy these days, let me know what your calendar looks likes. These kinds of sentences make your customers feel comfortable and if they are busy they likely will think about your offer but be careful if you do not have a plan for a busy person it is not correct to say that Because business is about honesty. End the email with a very polite sentence like wishing luck.

All email marketing is about who your customers are? What problem do they have? How to invite them to use our solution to solve their problems? And of course, if your business is not based on trust, all your email marketing efforts go to waste. If you send somebody an email, you are willing to solve his/her problem. You are in the trust way and this makes loyalty. So please do not spam email. If you do not have a real solution, email marketing never works for you.