When it comes to becoming famous on TikTok, TikTok will help you. If you want to be exclusive on this platform, many tips and tricks are the same as what I wrote about Instagram or other platforms but with slightly different. All you have to do is to know how to deal with this platform. If you be aware of this, TikTok help you become a good TikToker as well as famous.

How to become famous on TikTok is not the same as How to become famous on Twitter. Let us break down TikTok together with a couple strategies.

Be hyperactive 

Be active on this platform and produce your own content. In this case, TikTok is a different platform. Produce content as much as possible. When it comes to growing on TikTok, there is no limit to posting and producing posts. If you want to get viral, you should focus on overproducing content. If you can start fine-tuning this progress of what is gonna pop and what is your audience likes, you can start streamlining your content strategy to be more specific in one direction.

Make sure, your content is for your niche. Being hyperactive does not mean producing meaningless content or producing non-relevant content to your audience. Know your audience and start posting for them. Try to add value.

 You`ve got to be hyperactive, liking, commenting, content, sharing really work for you. Just do not sit down and go to others like their posts. This actually exposes you to the app. Remember, being active and like others, comment means you are spending time on TikTok rather than be on your own trying to get the most of it. 

Posting strategy

Have you ever heard of it? Be on schedule when you are dealing with social media like Instagram or Posting on a website. It does not work when you are talking about TikTok. When you are dealing with social media, it is very important to know how it works specifically. Instagram is not the same as TikTok.

Post regularly But no need to be exact, there is no such thing as we have to post every Monday morning at 12. When you are posting on your website, Instagram, and other social media, this might be a piece of good advice but not for TikTok. This kind of arbitrary advice does not necessary on TikTok.

What is right and wrong?

Every social media has its own algorithm, this algorithm updates time by time. But when we are talking about TikTok, the algorithm does not emphasize posting time. TikTok algorithm strongly depends on user engagement, the best time is that time that most of your users are online. 

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It is not that as easy as you think, you have to post time by time to figure out what time is perfect for you. My recommendation is to call for a meeting, on the first step find some times. Then test those times. You will find what time is perfect for you.

hwo to become famous on tiktok

Be unique

I have always said social Media are a place for new ideas. Story, posts, everything even bio is welcome to every new idea. Then do not be like others, be different. Be aware of trending hashtags and use them.

Look wisely

I have always said, successful people listen, watch are full. No matter in what kind of industry you are working. There are successful pages on TikTok, go there, become a member and listen and watch them carefully. What is their plan? What do they do to engage users? And many questions that you have to find the answers through it.

What I need here is not just to be there and listen, know who is famous in your industry on TikTok, like their content, share their videos.


We cannot deny the power of influencers on TikTok. Being collaborated with famous people on TikTok really helps get some of their audiences. This is unique content. Collaborating with influencers really brings out a different aspect to you. This kind of content with influencers grows your followers.

As you start collaborating with influencers, you should monitor your engagement, followers, and views that your video with that specific influencer. If collaborating with this influencer is working for you, keep him/her close. Plan to have more collaboration with him/her or if this is not possible, try to put more of those types of contents.

In this case, TikTok also helps you grow and help influencers to grow as well. Collaborating with influencers absolutely works for you. Many audiences care about trust and this gives you trust and friendship because that person already has trust and creditability and through this kind of collaboration, he/ she bring it to you.

Use trend and popular song

First of all, for choosing a song use TikTok library, and then try to know and use popular songs.

Use other platforms

Last but not least, if you are on other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, use those social Media. You already spend time, money, effort to get more followers on Instagram, some of them want to stay with you and this does not achieve easily. Then why would you not utilize them to grow your TikTok?

If you know TikTok and work aligns with it, it also helps you. Now you know how TikTok work, go to the TikTok app and act like a professional TikToker.

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