Maybe your company starts new strategy on getting more followers, or for some reason you want more people to see your posts, then you should change your Instagram account to public. But don’t worry the task itself is simple.

When your account is private no one can see your posts, photos, videos, hashtags, and locations. If you have a private account users should request to follow you and see your posts but in public account, there is no permission and every user can see your posts, share them

In this article, I will show you how to change private Instagram account to public. Step by step and with pictures.

Step one, click on menu that is located at the top of the page, then click setting (figure1) 

figure1. setting

under setting menu. Tap on privacy (figure2)


turn of Private Account slide button (figure3)

change Instagram account to bublic

figure3.Private Account

Now everyone with no permission can see our posts. Enter your page, like posts, and so on.

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