How to delete a Telegram account

Singing up on Telegram is easy but when it comes to deleting a Telegram account, it is a bit tricky. Let us dive in and see how we can delete a Telegram account.

In this article, I recommend two methods. For example, if someone wants to be inactive for a certain amount of time or isn’t sure whether to delete the account or not, they could use the first option. The second one is used to permanently delete a Telegram account.

Using the self-destruct feature

You can delete an account on Telegram with its self-destruct feature. This feature is designed for deleting a Telegram account but if you change your mind, you can log in again and self-destruct will reset itself.

go to your telegram app, click on the hamburger menu (the one with three lines on the top-left corner of application), tap on setting

setting telegram

then to privacy and security

privacy telegram

scroll down, tap on delete my account

delete account telegram

if away for(six months. If you click this feature, you can return to Telegram, log in and restore your account. You have six months to decide if you want to return to your account or not. Additionally, you can set the duration to one, three, six, or one year. If you choose six months, your account will not be deleted after six months of inactivity. When you log in, the timer will reset to six months again.

How to delete a Telegram account using Telegram FAQ

If you are determined to delete your account permanently, try these steps. With this method, there is no way back to your account and your account will not be restored. All data will be lost after trying this method. However, you should be aware that if you created groups, this data remains and all members have access to each other even after you delete your account.

Click on the hamburger menu that is located on the top-left of the Telegram home page. Then you can see a list, tap on the last one “telegram FAQ” scroll down until you get “Delete your Telegram account”

deleting telegram using faq

when you tap on it, an article will appear, tap on the link that says “deactivation page”.

deactivation link on telegram faq page

You will see a page asking for your phone number. Enter your phone number, click the next button, and that Telegram sends you a message with a confirmation code. After entering this code on the deactivation page, click on sign in

deleting telegram using faq

scroll down until you reach “delete my account”

deleting telegram using faq

and once again select “yes, delete my account”.

deleting telegram acount using faq final step

You will receive message “your account was successfully deleted on our system, come back soon”, this message means you delete Telegram account successfully. In this case, there is no way to come back and restore your account; your account will be removed permanently.

Web-based deleting service

You can do the same steps on a website since Telegram offers a web-based service. In this case, you do not need to log in to your Telegram account.

Type in your browser. Telegram will show you a web page and ask for your phone number. The rest of the process is the same as described in “How to delete a Telegram account using the FAQ”. Upon entering your number, Telegram will send you an application code.

Enter the code and select “Next”. On the next page, you have several options. Click on delete telegram account. Then your phone number will appear on the next page. If you want, you can explain why you are going to delete your Telegram account, this is optional and you can ignore it, click on the” delete my account” button. After clicking on the “delete my account” button a pop-up message will appear with the title “are you sure?” Click on “yes delete my account””.

This message warns you that if you delete your accounts, all groups and channels you are a member of will be gone. You are no longer a member of these groups and channels. As soon as you click “yes, delete my account”, your account will be removed permanently.

Now your telegram account was deleted. If you come back and register with the same number, you will have a new account.