We all have posts on social media that we want to get rid of. In case you want to get rid of all tweets and you do not want to go through the difficulty of manually deleting them, this article is written for you. You can delete tweeters one by one but this method is not efficient.

 What I am about to show you is actually possible with Twitter alone. With the help of a web service application, I show you how to delete all tweeters from your account. What I am about to recommend is a free third-party app. You need to know that there is a limit that tweeter has set to where any app can only delete the last three hundred tweets. For more tweets you have to pay and go for the premium option.

Using www.tweetdelete.net  to delete all tweets

 This app thttp://www.tweetdelete.net/hat I recommend has a workaround, but it comes with a cost. If you want free you can only delete last three hundreds tweeters from your account.

I am going to use a third- party app called tweet delete and you can get to them by www.tweetdelete.net. This website with a very simple design provides deleting all your tweets. Once you launch this website you will see a blue button that says “sign in with Twitter”.

Click this button, as soon as you click the button, website leads you to authorization page, click on “authorize app” button, next page informs you about the limitation that I told you about earlier and it says it is possible to bypass this limitation, but it will cost you. Scroll down until you get the boxes that have been provided for filling out information.

The first box is for “age of tweets to delete”, you can select tweets older than one week, two or one month to delete. It is possible to filter and delete only tweets that are a couple of weeks old, up to a year old, and even all tweets. In the next box, you have the option to delete your tweets by different words or phrases that you used in your tweets. That means if you want to delete all tweets including the word good”, you can go ahead and type the word “good” in the “only containing this word/phrase” and you can filter and delete all tweets containing “good”.

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The last box is where you can run a schedule once a week or every couple of days. Now I am going to set this box on once only. The last thing you need to do is select the check box that says you agree with the terms policy of this app. After that click on the blue button “delete my tweets”.

I would like to point out before you do that you can delete over 3200 tweets with the premium option, but sometimes it deletes over 3200 tweets for free. My recommendation is if your account has somewhere around 3200 tweets and you want to delete all, try the free option and if it does not work, try premium.I show you the complete page in the following picture.

delete all tweets

On the next page, the deleting process will start.  If you go back to your Twitter account, you will see that there are no tweets. TwitterDelete.net is an application that allows you to delete all of your tweets from your account quickly and easily. It offers its service for free.

Now you should revoke access to TweetDelete.net. Log in back to your Twitter account, make sure you are logged in, and click the “more” button that is located on the left side bar. Once the menu opens select “Settings and Privacy”. Once the setting opens, under “”Data and permission”” select apps and session and on the top-right of the page under the “APPs” tab, you can see a box that says TweetDelete.net.

Select it and then revoke access. By this task, the source revokes access. In the following picture you can see the process of removing access to a Twitter account.

 to delete all tweets

The job is done; you can go back to your Twitter account and start using this account securely.