You might face a challenge if you want to save a video on Snapchat. Unlike other social media, Snapchat has limited time for posts you wish to share with friends. The receiver can see the videos you send them on Snapchat for a short period. This option is excellent for users privately; however, there should be some methods for downloading Snapchat videos. This article will explain how to download Snapchat videos in detail.

Can we save Snapchat videos?

Yes. Snapchat doesn’t get you a direct way to download videos; however, you can save videos to your gallery either when it is your video or the other person’s video.

How to save your videos on Snapchat?

First, let’s see how to save the videos on Snapchat before sharing them with others.

Step 1: Log in to your Snapchat account. In this place, if you don’t have an account, sign up by adding your phone number and password.

snapchat log in

Step 2: You can see a shutter button on the screen. Hold it for recording the video.


Step 3: Snapchat shows you a preview once you record the video. Then, tap on save bottom, which is in the corner of your screen.


Step 4: You can see some cards on the screen, shown in the picture below. Tap on it to go to the memories part.


Step 5: You can see options when you long-press the desired video. Choose “Export” and tap on download to save the video in your gallery so you can access it forever without the internet.

How do you download Snapchat videos from other users?

There are three methods for downloading Snapchat videos that other users share. In this part, we are going to explain all of them in detail.

Method one: using the conversation window

Step 1: Press the video the person sent you and hold it for a second, and some options will be shown. It would help if you tapped on the save in chat option. However, you should know that Snapchat will notify the user about it, and you can see that video in your chat window.

save to chat

Step 2: Hold your finger on the video in your conversation window and save it to the camera roll between all other options.

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Method two: Saving videos with screen recording

Whether you are an Android or iPhone user, you can download applications that record videos from your screen.

If you are an Android user, go to the Play Store application and search for a screen recorder application. If you are an iPhone user, find the best screen recorder in the App Store and download it. 

Once you open the application and tap the record button, it will start recording from your mobile screen. Then, you can open your Snapchat application and play the desired video you want to download. After playing the video on Snapchat, the screen recorder will capture the entire playback process. You can then save the recorded video to your device.

Method three: Using Snapchat video downloader

Suppose you would like to download other users’ videos on Snapchat without them knowing. In that case, one way is using websites like Experts Tools by following a few steps:

Step 1: copy the URL. When you tap on the video, Snapchat will show you the URL of the video. This URL can then be copied to share or save the video elsewhere. 


Step 2: once you have successfully copied the URL, you can easily navigate to the Expertstool website. After reaching the website, locate the designated field to paste the URL. Paste the URL into this field and click the download button. 

The bottom line

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media all over the world. It has different features for taking photos or recording videos. However, sometimes you like the user video on this social media. Still, you can’t download it because of the Snapchat limitation. This limitation is because of the user’s privacy; however, there are some ways to download Snapchat videos despite the restrictions. One way is to use third-party applications or online tools that allow you to save Snapchat videos. These tools often require you to input the URL of the video you want to download and then provide you with a downloadable file. Another method is to screen record the video while playing it on your device, allowing you to save it for later viewing. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I save a Snapchat video to my gallery?

If you are recording a Snapchat video and want to save it in your gallery, tap the save option on the left corner of the screen.

Can we save Snapchat videos?

Yes, you can save your and other users’ videos in your gallery and see them without an internet connection by following a few steps.

How do you download Snapchat videos without them knowing?

The only way to download other users’ Snapchat videos without them knowing it is to record the screen with the screen recorder applications.

How do I download Snap reels?

You can copy their URL and paste it on the Expertstool website to download the video with your desired quality. You can also make a screen record from the video.