Do you know about two ways to download videos from LinkedIn? LinkedIn is the name of the biggest professional network on the Internet. LinkedIn has about 700 users and is adding new users at a rate of two per second. Videos are shared more frequently than any other kind of content on LinkedIn. Users spent about 3x to watch videos on this website compared to other kinds of information. Nowadays, 79% of customers think watching a video online is the simplest way to learn about a business.

downloading videos from LinkedIn

You must save or download the LinkedIn video to watch it later without an internet connection. You’ll need a third-party tool to keep the movie since it’s more complex than you may assume. Unfortunately, you’ll discover that many of these advertised online tools only sometimes work. Some of these tools are with spam, some need to be updated, and many require an upgrade fee. Some need to be updated; they are no longer functional.

To put it another way, a lot of information that claims to be effective is available, yet you still need to download the LinkedIn video. At least till today. Thankfully, we constantly monitor what works and what doesn’t. Use the procedure outlined below to download and save LinkedIn videos.

Interestingly, you can download all the videos you need on LinkedIn. In this article, two methods and all of their steps are in detail.

Method 1: using LinkedIn video downloader

You may download LinkedIn videos, photos, and resumes from Expertstool. Additionally, there is no need to register, and it is free. Here’s how to use this website to get videos from LinkedIn.

Step 1: First, Open the video you wish to download. You can do this by navigating to the video post on your LinkedIn feed or visiting the profile of the person who shared the video. Once you have located the video, proceed to the next step. 

look for the "More" button

Step 2: Once you have opened the video on LinkedIn, look for the “More” button or the three-dot menu icon. This step will give you additional options, including downloading the video.

Activate the LinkedIn video downloader

Step 3: Activate the LinkedIn video downloader. Then go into the input box and paste the video link. Once you have found the LinkedIn video you want to download, you can activate the LinkedIn video downloader by clicking on the appropriate button or link provided by the downloader tool. This step will initiate the downloading process and allow you to save the video to your device for offline viewing or sharing. 

go into the input box

Step 4: Whatever format you like, save your file from LinkedIn. Doing step four will ensure that you have a copy of your profile held in a form that is easily accessible and shareable. Additionally, keeping your file from LinkedIn allows you to make any necessary updates or changes to your profile in the future without losing any previous information. 

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This tool won’t function if you try to download a video from LinkedIn Learning. Since LinkedIn Learning is a premium subscription service with top-notch security, copying information from a paid service in the membership area would be a significant offense. If you are not supposed to save these videos, I recommend against doing so.

Method 2: Using the Chrome extension

Using this Chrome extension, you may quickly download any video from the LinkedIn website. Additionally, it can only download movies that other LinkedIn users have submitted; it is presently unable to download LinkedIn broadcasts or other educational resources.

Step 1: Search the  for “LinkedIn video downloader” before clicking the result. This will ensure you find the most relevant and reliable extension for downloading LinkedIn videos. Additionally, reading user reviews and checking the extension’s rating can help you make an informed decision before installing it.

Chrome online store

Step 2: Click the Add to Chrome > Add extension button to install this extension. The extension will then launch automatically in the background. Once installed, you can access the extension’s features by clicking on its icon in the Chrome toolbar.

Add extension button

Step 3: Go to the LinkedIn website and look for the download icon in the bottom-right corner of the video.

Here are some questions that may come to your mind about downloading videos from LinkedIn.

Do I need to download this tool for download video from LinkedIn?

Interestingly, you can use a downloader for LinkedIn videos, stories, and reels without installing them. It functions for you online. You may save a video for free immediately on your device by pasting the link into the downloader’s box.

What level of video quality will I get once I download it from LinkedIn?

The video quality you will get after downloading it from LinkedIn will depend on various factors. These factors include the original quality of the video uploaded by the user, any compression or formatting applied by LinkedIn, and the settings of your device or software used for downloading.

The highest quality is what the downloader will save. If the video was submitted in such a high resolution, it could be saved directly from LinkedIn. Additionally, MP4 quality is available for download; select it by clicking in the tool’s lower right corner. You are no longer required to convert.

On what kind of device can I use to download videos from LinkedIn?

You can use the LinkedIn video downloader on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. You can easily download videos from LinkedIn utilizing this tool, whether you have an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, or any other device.

The bottom line

LinkedIn encourages members to contribute high-quality films, such as your take on news items or an inside peek at an industry event. LinkedIn is a business and employment website. You may download LinkedIn videos effortlessly using the two available download methods. Now, choose a tool and give it a go.

One popular tool for downloading LinkedIn videos is the “LinkedIn Video Downloader” extension, which can be added to your web browser. Install the extension, navigate to the video you want to download on LinkedIn and click on the download button below the video. Here are some questions about downloading videos from LinkedIn.