According to Recent YouTube privacy and policy, copying YouTube videos is not allowed. You can download your videos that upload to your channel but downloading YouTube videos is not allowed. If you want to have YouTube videos you have no right to use them for infringing purposes.

Downloading YouTube is not really necessary because YouTube provides features like sharing videos. The URL of videos can be copied, copied and pasted everywhere, or the YouTube link can be shared directly on every social network. In case you want to make a copy of a video on your local computer for whatever reason you have, there are several methods that can help you.

Download YouTube videos using websites

This method is pretty simple. A YouTube video link is all you need; you can copy the URL from YouTube. One of the most reliable websites that I always use to download YouTube is It is a convenient tool to have a copy of YouTube video on your computer.

All you have to do is copy the URL and paste it into the box and click download. As soon as you press the download button, you will see a box on the right side of the screen and several boxes on the left side of the screen. You can also see the volume of the video. This site provides MP4 and MP3 format for your video. As I show you in the picture there are several choices to download.

The green boxes are mp4 format which means if you click you will download video and the numbers show the quality of videos. The red boxes are mp3 formats, which means you can press to hear the sound of videos, while the blue boxes provide several video formats, but without sound.

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For example, in the picture, we can download video in MP4 format and this copy of video has 1.6Mb size. If you want the original copy of a YouTube video the green boxes are for you. Download YouTube video in MP4 format.

download YouTube videos

VLC and the chrome browser

I am pretty sure you all have and use the Chrome browser. However, VLC is an app intended for playing videos. You can download this application and I am here to show you how to use this app and browser to have high-quality YouTube videos on your computers. With this method you are able to save YouTube videos in MP4 format

First step is to log in YouTube and navigate to your videos that you want to download. Copy the URL of those videos, then open VLC and click on media. Click on network stream or you can just press CTRL+N, paste the URL that you got from YouTube on chrome. Then hit play, the video starts to play. Pause the video and go to tools on the menu and select code information or instead you can just press CTRL+J. You will see a long URL in the location. Right click, select all, and then right click again and select copy.

Next, go back to Chrome, right click on the URL, and paste that huge URL that you copied from VLC. Click enter to start watching the video in Chrome, pause it and right click to save it, or press CTRL+S to save it.

Now you have a copy of that YouTube video in MP4 format on your computer.

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