Sometimes you want to find friends who live near you. The good news is it doesn’t have a complicated process and you can find people who locate around you by following a few steps. In this article, we are going to explain the answer of this question that how to find nearby people on Instagram just in a few steps, and in two different methods. The first method is to use the “Explore” feature which helps you find people in a certain area and the second method is to use your “Location” to find people near you.

Method one: Find people near specific areas

Have you ever experienced situations where you wanted to connect with people in a certain area? For example, when you are living in a small town and want to communicate with people in a specific town in another country, Instagram makes this challenging connection easy for you with the nearby feature. You just need to choose the location, and the Instagram application will show you users who have accounts in that area.

Step 1: If you haven’t done it already, the first step is opening your Instagram application and log in to your account. At the home screen, you can see the page like what is showing in the picture below.

Opening your Instagram application

Step 2: Tap on the search icon at the bottom of your Instagram home screen. This will open the search page, where you can explore new content and find accounts to follow. You can use the search bar at the top of the page to search for specific users, hashtags, or places.

Tap on the search icon

Step 3: Then you can find a location icon on the upper-right part of your Instagram app screen. Tap on the icon that is shown in the picture to find the location feature. This will allow you to search for and select a specific location.  Once you tap on the location icon, a search bar will appear where you can type in the name of the location you want to find.

Tap on the location icon

Step 4: if you want to search people from a specific area. The list of area names will appear when you enter the name of specific town. Choose the name of the area you desire.

Choose the name of the area you desire

Step 5: In this part, you can search the desired area you want to find people from. Instagram will should you the nearest account to your current location. You should tap on the Search icon to look for people in a certain location.

If you turn on the location of your device, Instagram will show you people who are near to your device. This feature allows you to discover and connect with individuals in your vicinity, making it easier to meet new friends or potentially explore shared interests.

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Method two: Find people near your location

In method two, you can find people near you by turning on your location on Instagram. and using the “Explore” feature. This feature allows you to discover posts, stories, and IGTV videos from people in your area. By enabling your location, you can easily connect with individuals who are geographically close to you and potentially expand your network within your local community.

Step 1: Open Instagram on your iPhone or Android device. Once the app is open, you can either sign in with your existing account or create a new one.

Finding nearby places

Step 2: Go to the bottom of the screen and click the search icon. Once you have clicked the search icon, you can see different options such as tags, places and accounts. Then you just need to tap on Nearby Places. Once you tap on Nearby Places, a list of people near your location will appear, providing you with options for talking with them and make friends.

Find a location

This feature really works for people living in small towns since if the person has mentioned their location with their recent posts, chances are they will appear when you search for them in the specific locations. This can be particularly helpful for individuals who are new to a small town and want to connect with others in their area.

How does nearby places works?

Imagine you saw a person in the mall of your town and you are curious about who was he/she and what Instagram account does he/she have. When you open Instagram application and GPS Instagram application can find that person in, he certain location.

Imagine you saw a person in the mall of your town, and you are curious about who he or she is and what Instagram account he or she have. When you open Instagram application and GPS, Instagram can find that person in the certain location. With the GPS feature on Instagram, you can easily track the person’s location and find out if they have a public Instagram account. This allows you to potentially connect with them through social media.

The bottom line

Instagram has the capability of locating accounts that are close by. These tools enable users to locate accounts and posts that are local to or near their current location. You just need to enter your desired location and find users in that area. On the other hand, you can also use your GPS to find Instagram users near your location. This feature is particularly useful for discovering local businesses, events, and communities in your vicinity. By connecting with nearby users, you can easily explore and engage with the local Instagram community, fostering connections and discovering new opportunities. In this article, we answer all your potential questions about how to find nearby people on Instagram.