TikTok surfers know, they are watching a lot of videos on TikTok and want to re-watch them, especially tutorial videos. With these kinds of videos, they need to save and re-view them. Here I am about to show you how to find saved videos on TikTok.

TikTok like other social media like Instagram provides features for users to save videos. With these features users can watch videos especially tutorial videos over and over again.

You have two choices: you can either book mark a video or save a video. When this video is pinned as a favorite, it is saved in your favorites section, and when you save it, it appears in your saved videos section.

Whether you saved or bookmarked your video, the problem is finding it, and I’ll explain.

Saved videos

When you are on your TikTok profile, you can see three options. The last one is the place where you have saved videos. This section is for saving favorite videos and re-watching them.

Saved videos on TikTok

Find saved videos on TikTok by Bookmark

Open your TikTok app and click on the Bookmark Button right next to the “Edit profile” button. When you hit this button, the favorite page will load. Once the favorite section opens, make sure the video tab is selected (as I show you in the picture). Here you can see all videos that you have saved from TikTok.

saved videos on TikTok by Bookmark

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