In this digital era, communication with other people become an essential part of your lives. Telegram is one of the most popular message applications that aims to make communication easier. With Telegram, you can send messages and make voice and video calls, share photos and videos, and join various groups and channels. This application lets you stay in touch with your family and friends. But do you know how to find someone by their phone number on Telegram? There are a few steps by which you can find your contact in a telegram in a short time.

Why do you need to find someone on Telegram by phone number?

This question has a wide range of answers. One of them refers to the reconnection of old friends. Imagine that you have an old friend from school, and you want to reconnect with them now. The best choice is to find them on Telegram via their numbers and send them a message expressing your desire to reconnect. Telegram allows you to search for contacts using their phone numbers, making finding and connecting with your old friends easier. Once you have seen them, you can initiate a chat about old times, catching up on each other’s lives and renewing your friendship.

But it doesn’t end up here, you can find contact on Telegram because of professional networking and building up a connection for improving your career. You can readily find and stay in touch with professionals in your field. This feature allows for valuable networking chances and the potential to expand your career prospects. 

Method one: Using telegram contacts

You can find someone on Telegram by phone number five steps, which are as follows:

Step 1: Open your telegram application and log in to your account. If you still need an account, sign in and enter your phone number, and then Telegram will send you a verification code in SMS; by entering the code, Telegram shows you your contact’s account to send them a message.

log into telegram

Step 2: In the next step, you should tap on three lines in the upper left corner of the screen. Then, you can see a list of various options.


Step 3: In the opened menu, tap on contacts and enter the “Contacts” section in a telegram to see all your saved contacts. You can find the list of people you have added or imported into your Telegram account here. You can add new people to your contact list by entering this section.

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telegram contacts

Step 4: You can see a plus icon in the right-down corner of the screen. You can add a new contact to your list by tapping this icon.

add contact

Step 5: Once you tap the plus icon, Telegram shows you a page to add your new contact’s information. You should add the contact’s first and last name and phone number.

add name and phone number

The application shows you the user if the person with this phone number has a telegram account. Still, the person with this phone number sometimes doesn’t have a Telegram application, so Telegram shows you a message about inviting this person to this application. Once you tap the invite button, the Telegram application sends you a message with a link to download and join Telegram. This link directs the person to the respective app store to download Telegram. After downloading, they can create an account using their phone number and the application. 

Method two: Using phone contact app

There is another way by which you can add people to your telegram contacts by their phone number.

Step 1: Open the contacts application on your cellphone.


Step 2: You can see a plus icon on the upper right side of the contact list.

add contact

Step 3: By tapping this icon, the page opens to add the new contact’s information. You should add the name and the phone number and tap the save button.


Step 4: Now, if you go to the telegram application and tap on the upper right corner of the screen on three lines, you can see the contact icon. By tapping this icon, you can see your contacts using this application.

Then, you can find the name of the added contact in the list. Once you have added the phone number, you can quickly locate their name by scrolling through the list or using the search function. The list will display all the contacts alphabetically, making it convenient to find the specific name you are looking for. If the person has a telegram, the user will show it to you, and if he doesn’t, you can send an invitation message for that person to join the Telegram.

The bottom line

Telegram is one of the most popular applications for communicating with other people. This app has many features to help you stay connected to your family and friends. While working with this application, one of the most frequently asked questions was how to find someone by their phone number on Telegram. Finding someone on Telegram by their phone number is a straightforward process, and the answer is quite simple. You should follow a few steps to add the contact information to your Telegram and start the conversation.