The ability to run campaigns is an important part of marketing on Instagram. Many companies think about advertising or getting more followers on Instagram, but they don’t know how to find the best influencer on Instagram. Finding the best and relevant influencers in your field is something you need to learn.

According to a recent study, most marketers know what they want, but they do not know how to get it. Here are some tips and tricks to find the best influencer on Instagram.

Working with the right influencers is not difficult. Find and recruit creators who are a good fit for you and your audience in no time.

 Use hashtag

Step one type related words to your industry on Instagram search box. Many users that are looking for Influencers do this. Typing relevant words and phrases get you relevant influencers because good influencers are good content creators as well.

 Using the search bar and typing a word related to your industry gets you to posts that belong to related to influencers. However, how do you know more about every influencer? Testing influencers after another is not a smart strategy, and it comes with cost. Fortunately, there are tools that give you more details about every influencer on Instagram.


Go to your browser and type into the address bar. This amazing tool not only helps you find influences on Instagram in every industry but also takes you further. This tool is very recommended

The next tool that I would like to recommend is HyperAuditor. Very easy tool to use. In this tool you can see details about quality score, engagement rate

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Hootsuite this tool helps you to find relevant influencers in your industry. If you have an influencer in your mind, do not hesitate to check it out using this tool. Take a few minutes to learn more about influencers on tools and software to get the most of them.

Followerwonk is free and straightforward; write your keyword in a search bar and it will filter influencers by the number of followers, tweets, account age, and social authority for free.

NinjaOutreach provides 114 days of free trials.Visit there to become a member and try the tool for 14 days for free. This tool also provides the email addresses of influencers.

how to find the best influencer

Why is it so crucial to use tools to find the best influencer on Instagram?

 Get you the right way

Some of these tools make certain you won’t be captivated by bots as many influencers increase their number of followers by using bots. Bots are fake users that just grow the number of followers but they are not actual users, they never engage or do something. I am telling you be careful of these bots, they never grow your business.

Tracking performance

Managing and tracking influencers that we have already worked with is sometimes just as significant as finding the best influencers on Instagram. Data always shows you information that may not be obvious at first glance.

Choosing the right influencer in the future

Through these tools, you can filter influencers by name, location, and more. This feature will help you decide who is fit and relevant to your industry going forward, since most influencers are looking for long term relationships with their influencers.

Tracking results

Tracking results is a part of the process of advertisement on Instagram. Remember, successful brands always track data and analyze it. The most effective way to prevent mistakes and improve every activity, especially online activities, is to measure performance on a regular basis. You can even see data demographically.

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