Become famous on Instagram overnight, is it true?

We here right and left that we become famous over one week one, we are getting hundreds of followers over a couple of weeks, we live in a world that everything seems to achieve in one or two nights but that is not true. Let me break something for you. Becoming a famous person on social media like Instagram is not that easy like becoming a famous singer in the real world or a successful person in the baseness world.

People tend to accept changes over a couple of weeks, when somebody wants to buy something from you, would say this product will blow your page in a few days more but this occasionally works. Of course, there is no shortcut in life but you should know how to play.

 Some tips and tricks to get famous on Instagram

getting more followers on Instagram also help you become famouse but it is  alittle tricky.

Good pictures

What is Instagram for? Instagram is all about images, you write captions, write content strategies, stories, lives, but Instagram is a place for sharing photos, so if you want to get famous on Instagram, you should take time on photos, which is why beautiful images get viral. Good photos come with creativity, you should know how to take a good photo, light scene and, edit photos. Think this through. Think your page is your billboard that everyone can see that.

Remember, be creative, and combine colors, use filters, do what is new, Instagram is a place for creativity, I would like to say it repeatedly because this is matters and make you different and famous.

Just take a look at those famous pages, how they put colors together, how they share their experience through pictures, some bring nature, sun, texture, some have a theme and go aline with it.

Ask good questions, keep engaging followers

Not every meaningless question, think of this, take time, start real conversation to answer real people question, for example, you posted a new photo or video about doing hair, let see you are a hairstylist, people have hundred questions about doing hair, why do you miss the opportunity? You can use it as an e-marketing tool and get famous on Instagram, if you are a hairstylist look at famous hairstylist pages on Instagram, go to those posts with many comments. What engages people? In 90 percent is good question.

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These kinds of good questions make crowds, like a real-world crowd attract more people, it is the nature of human being. If you want to get famous on Instagram, you have to make a crowd, Instagram will see that and will help you to become viral and more and more famous. If Instagram sees you are getting like, comment; show you.

Follow suggestions rather than play meaningless follow unfollow. I still here left and right, play follow and no follow strategy that means, follow pages and stay for a while and then unfollow them, they will stay, you will leave them, you become famous, your competitors not. This is ridiculous.

You can also do it for Facebook tab or even your contacts. So many opportunities here. With this action, Instagram knows your business kind. Besides, sharing posts directly from Instagram to Facebook gets a lot of traffic.

get famous on Instagram

Interaction as a king of Instagram

 Go to other pages, be interested in what they are interested in, this is how the brain works, say the same thing that they want to hear, ask people questions. Ask people under their comment. Go to influencers’ pages not just for ordering ads, to engage their followers for your page, if you do so, they come to your page and see and follow your pages, if many people follow your page, you get famous on Instagram.

Here I am still talking about having a real conversation. not come visit us, very nice pic or something like that, this kind of conversations never works.

Stick to influencer or someone famous on Instagram

You want to get famous on Instagram, take a picture with some of those famous Instagrammer, and share it. Tag them. If she or he likes that she also shares it to her pages and that blows your page up. And those their followers become your follower too.

 Tag location and people

 Statistics say posts with locations get more attention; people love such things like that. Of course, tagging a location is not enough for getting famous on Instagram but gives you a chance to go viral.

Be aware of trends, always remember, trending equals getting famous on Instagram, music, style, tone, everything, in one word. Trending is king on Instagram.