You can get your profile link in less than five minutes and  use it on several platforms. I am pretty sure that you are familiar with this scenario, someone wants your Instagram link and you may say “I am not tech-savvy”. Do not get worried, you do not need to be professional. It is easy to get Instagram link.

Why would I get Instagram link?

With Instagram profile link you will be able to share your account with your friend and families or add your Instagram link to other platforms that you have like Facebook page or Facebook story or what`s app messenger. With this link your family and friends do not need to type in your idea on Instagram search box, they will get to your account with one click.

instagram link

Here I show you two methods to get the job done with a few clicks and step by step.

First method

  • Go to your Instagram account,
  • click on the bottom-right icon,
  • click on edit profile, in this step, Instagram show you a page include your username
  • just copy username, it is very important to select the whole user name, do not even miss a letter. This is very important if you miss a letter, this link never works for you or gets the traffic to the other Instagram page.
  • Go to a browser like chrome or safari in the search box type in (Actually you put your Instagram username that you have copied)
  • Click Enter or Go.  
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Now if you have done the process correctly, you can see your Instagram account on a browser with a message pupping on. Ignore the message by clicking on “not now” and check if this account is your Instagram profile or not.

In case you are want to be  assure that this id belongs to you or nor scroll down and check the profile, if it is your accoount. you can say is your Instagram link. Save this link on your laptop, notepad, or whatever you want for the future.

The second method for getting link

Skip the Instagram app and use browser directly, in this method, you need to log in to Instagram

  • open one of browsers like chrome or safari,
  • in the search box, type
  • go ahead and click on the search icon
  • type your user name in the search box
  • after that you can see your profile
  • copy the URL and have it.

This is very important to copy and paste the exact username and URL. If you miss just one letter this URL and user name never work for you.

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