You may hear of hundred ways of how to go to get more followers on Instagram but which one really works and which one not working anymore? Marketing on Instagram is not just being there, posting videos and photos, sharing information, it comes with effort.  But how do brands and businesses grow on social media like Instagram? Of course, get more followers on Instagram is one of them but how?

First of all, ask yourself why are you running an Instagram account? Brand awareness? Advertisement? Drive people to your website? Just selling your products? Have a place for engaging people? Do you follow SEO- goals? That means do you want to use social media as a tool for increasing traffic to your website? Is so. Your content, your strategy, your plan will depend on it.

In following paragraphs, I a going to tell you how to go to get more followers on Instagram in simpest way.

Have a plan, a clear strategy and be specific with your audience

some Instagrammers jump to every follower pool to get more followers on Instagram. but the right question is, are these people buying from you? Or just stay a little bit on your page and then leave your page, then your effort will go away. You have no time to waste, you should be very precise.

How should you know your customer? 

Write your customer persona, what is a persona? Let me simplify it for you. Sit down and write all about your customers. Write about their age, where are they living? What are they doing for a living? their preferences and their habits? Like and dislike. In one word what kind of people your customers are. All these questions and of course your unique questions will help you understand your customers.

If you are new in this field, no need to be obsessed with details and what you are writing on persona, just start writing, you will be a master in this game.

get more followers on Instagram

What time of posting is good for you?

 Find your own posting time, luckily there is a data analytics insight business Instagram account that you can see when your audience is more engaged. Here I would like to introduce you to a wenbsite named Hootsuite Analytics, one of the best tools says when is the perfect time for posting for you according to your customer acclivities. I strongly recommend you use one of these kinds of tools to know your customers

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Use a big account with more followers to get more followers on Instagram

when you are small, with a few followers, this is not a bad idea that ask a big account to share your posts. Start a creative post that they want you to share your post. Design high-quality content that is fit for your relevant customers.

There are hundreds of Instagram pages that share other Instagram’s pages posts. For example, if you have a restaurant, build a creative post and share it on pages related to a restaurant with million followers.

 Use the right hashtags #

 here I decide to break the role of hashtagging, reserve one hashtag for your brand, one for your related industry for every post you upload. Remember, you are posting for drawing the right customer to your industry not a high amount of people who have nothing to do with your work and your activities. As I talked about persona before you can use it for hashtag here as well. Keep a very eye on your competitor hashtags especially successful ones. Don t hashtag more than 30.

Create sharable content

 If you create shareable content, people click the share button and that will help you get more followers on Instagram, but this never ends here. According to Instagram`s Algorithm, if more people share your content, that content will show to other people, which means, more people will see your post and likely follow you.

Valuable content is equal to sharable content, before designing a post, think, is it really sharable content? There are proven tips and tricks on the internet that come from analytics data, and more importantly your experience that you can use to create sharable content.

Create engagement content

More engagement your post gets, Instagram`s Algorithm shares your post to more people. One of the best ways to get engagement is tagging post location, post with a location get more engagement. people usually search based on location. in this way, people come across on your post and follow you.

Put stories like crazy

always have stories, stories get you a chance that people see you and if your stories are good enough draw people to your page and they follow you.

The last word; find your way, I am telling you creativity always works, do wrong, and wright in creativity, this will work. Instagram is a place for creativity. 

Buy Instagram followers

If you do not want to spend a lot of time doing the above and you want to increase your followers in a short time, the best option for you is to buy Instagram followers, you can buy Instagram followers for your account so that your followers will increase in a short time.