Everyone is trying to crack the code on how to get more views on TikTok. Just like all other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, TikTok also has an algorithm. When you are trying to get more views on TikTok you actually deal with users and algorithms. You should know how this social media algorithm works and how to get more people to engage on your page and posts as well.

There is an incredibly frustrating feeling when you see creators and businesses succeeding while you run a business, spend money on social marketing plans and strategies, likely have a content strategy, and see a calendar but your videos are getting few views .these situations are stressful and it is not something that I want for you.

Let me break something to you. This experience will help you grow your business and you are here to boost your business through social marketing.

In this article I am going to show you how to get more views on TikTok.

  Do not copy, add something to viral content

See what other businesses do on TikTok and it becomes viral. Even though you may think every single person has seen this kind of video, I assure you not everyone has seen it. Make sure to view big business on TikTok very wisely. What kind of contents they create especially those that go viral.

Add something creative to it, it’s not a copy. Let me get it straight to you, see what big businesses create and what kind of videos are trending viral, then add something to this. Being a tiny bit creative will help you to get more views on TikTok. This will drastically improve your engagement and your views.

Create valuable content

You should always add value to your content no matter what social media platform you use. This rule works for all social media. So what does it mean? Try to teach your audience something that will be useful for them. If you look on TikTok, you see hundreds of videos full of dumps. You may think that these videos will get more views but you are mistaken. This kind of video does not help people or you.

Before you start to create content, ask yourself if this content will really help people? This question is really about growing views on TikTok and your business on TikTok over time. For example, a step-by-step tutorial is valuable content that is also actionable. Remember, creating contents is not for you, it is for others.

Ask question to get more views on TikTok

When it comes to asking questions, people often think of irrelevant or nonsensical questions. If you want more views, you have to ask real and relevant questions. Imagine this you create a video about a product. Think about what kind of question about that product can get more engagement and views?

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Go live to get more views on TikTok

Live is a very prominent type of content on TikTok. It does not matter whether there are two people in your live or two hundreds. People will show up. The cool thing about live is that people can see you and connect with you in an innovative way.

It is not just about you

In TikTok and other social networks, I see a lot of big creators and big brands just showing off. It is like looking at my face, looking at how cool my brand or outfit is. It all about them. Do not create content like them. At some point audiences would “”Do you forget You need to understand that your audiences are part of this experience. If this video can connect me with our audience, or if it’s just me, you then have to ask yourself, can it connect me with our audience?

get more views on TikTok

Do not be afraid

I always say, do not be afraid to experiment with something new; social media is a place for creators. Do wrong and right. Try to do something different. Do not be afraid to try something out of the ordinary. Sometimes a weird idea can set you apart from everyone else. Try to do something different. You need to interrupt the pattern.

I know according to some social media, posting regularly is the key. I mean when you are working on for example Instagram it is not a smart idea to publish on and off. However, this strategy is not necessary for TikTok. You can post on and off. You can stop doing it for a while and then comeback. You can upload several videos on one day and the other day just do nothing, these are different activities.

One of the biggest things that you can do is surprise people by doing things that they would not expect from you.


Your background is as important as anything else. Maybe you’ve ignored it so far, but start using curtains, painted walls or whatever you think looks fresh with decent lighting. Maintaining a good background does not mean you need a studio or a professional editor, it even does not mean you need professional and expensive equipment.

Grab attention within the first three seconds of your video

This is not easy; you have to think about it. What words do you want to use to grab attention? These words should be related to your content and can grab attention as well.

Try to grab attention by creating curiosity, providing a lead or a good question.

Don’t just focus on getting more views on TikTok, also focus on getting more loyalty and establishing good relationships. You can reward people for their loyalty.

In the event that none of the above recommendations work for you, it is time to reset and try a last resort. Last thing I would recommend is reading “seat of the soul” by Gary Zukav and learning intention.

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