TikTok is a popular and fast growing video sharing platform with thousands of users trying to share their content and win the hearts of millions of viewers. However, while building a reputation as an influencer, there should be no duplicate accounts.

Duplicate accounts undermine the trust of other users. As a result, social media platforms are forced to ensure the trust of real users through authentication.

Blue tick in social networks can have a great impact on the acceptance and increase of visits of an account. If you, like many TikTok users, are looking to get a blue tick on this social network, then this article can be useful for you.

In TikTok, unlike other social networks, users cannot apply for their account to be verified, and therefore this entire process will be done by the administrators of this social network.

It is natural that famous people and influencers will not have much problem with these indicators. This case is more difficult for people who are not famous and it will probably lead their minds to the next headline.

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How to increase your chances of getting the TikTok blue tick?

1- Produce quality content.

Creating high-quality videos also increases their chances of going viral. So try your best. The use of high-quality equipment, the use of popular music, attention to details, and the verticality of videos (due to the ease of viewing by the user) are important points in this field.

2- Post regularly.

If you post a few quality videos at irregular intervals, then you won’t have much luck. It is better to consider a specific schedule for this and you can even use Tiktok’s scheduler in this regard.

The reason for this recommendation is also related to maintaining users’ interaction with your account and also increasing the chances of videos going viral.

3- Try to get media coverage.

Try to attract the attention of the media by doing interesting work and projects and also try to make the most of your communication with the media.

4- Interact and collaborate with other users.

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In TikTok, not only user interaction with your account is important, but also you shouldn’t forget to interact with other people’s accounts.

You can do this by participating, liking and commenting on other people’s videos. Interacting and collaborating with other users not only makes you more visible, but also shows the TikTok algorithm that you are active on this platform.

5- Try to get the blue tick on other social networks.

If you can verify your account on networks like Instagram and then link that account to your TikTok profile, then the chances of your account being verified on the latter will also increase.

6- Participate in trends and challenges.

Participating in various trends and challenges not only shows the algorithm that you are active, but also increases the chances of your videos going viral.

7- Use trending hashtags.

Using popular hashtags will increase the chances of your videos being seen on the TikTok home page and thus increase the engagement rate with your account.

8- Collect as many followers as you can.

In order to verify a TikTok account, there is no specific number of followers, but in any case, by referring to profiles with a blue tick, you can understand that they have a lot of followers.

9- Follow the TikTok rules.

It is better to be aware of the rules of this social network and follow them, because if you violate them, the chances of your account being approved will decrease significantly.

10- Create entertaining content.

If you have the best location and equipment, but your video isn’t entertaining, then your efforts won’t pay off. It is better to have a dynamic and live presence in the videos and also interact and coordinate well with the environment and music.

Most users do not need to verify their TikTok account, especially considering the hassles and difficulties of this way. But if you want to get rid of the problems caused by fake and imitation accounts or to grow and expand your brand through this network, then these efforts will also be worth it.