How to Link your Instagram to Facebook Account

Instagram and Facebook founder is the same and fortunately, this can bring very important benefits for you. Shopping tools, ad promotions, and cross-posting are several befits that may courage you to link your Instagram to your Facebook account.

You can post it on Instagram and link it to Facebook. Posting on Facebook and Instagram is done at the same time. More importantly, you can run ads using Facebook ads platform on Instagram. All you have to do is connecting Instagram business account and your Facebook business account.

The very important thing that you should know before linking your Instagram to Facebook Account is that make sure your accounts are business. Instagram accounts and Facebook accounts, of them should be business accounts.

How to change Instagram account to business?

You cannot link a personal or creator Instagram page to Facebook. So the very first step when you want to link Instagram to a Facebook account is to switch your Instagram account to a business one.

  • Press three-lined menu
  • Click on setting
  • Under the setting, menu tap on “Account”
  • Scroll down until you can see “switch account type”
  • If your current account is under creator or personal, switch to business

Step two

Click on “edit profile” on your Instagram account, under pages you can see the name of your Facebook page that you may link with the same phone before. if you click on it the process of connecting your Instagram account to Facebook begins. Here you have two options “create a Facebook account” and “connect to existing account”. I assume you already have a Facebook account and you want to your Instagram to Facebook Account.

Step three, log in to your Facebook account through Instagram

The next step is logging on to the Facebook page, if you have an account on phone the process is very straightforward.

 Now you know how to switch your account to business, go to profile. Nothing has changed except for “insight” “add tools” and “add shop”. Once you switch your account to business. These items will add to your account. Here we do not need these three items, click “edit profile”.

Link your Instagram to Facebook Account

Next to the page (as you can see in the picture), click on it there is a name and if you tap on it, a message will appears.

Link your Instagram to Facebook Account

 It wants you to create a Facebook page if you do not have a Facebook page click on it otherwise connect you with your existing Facebook account. Here I assume that you already have a Facebook account so what I need from you is to click on “connect existing account”

Link your Instagram to Facebook Account

When you click on “connect existing account”, this page will be the next. Press “log in to Facebook account”

Link your Instagram to Facebook Account

 Instagram will show you the list of other Facebook accounts that you have linked before   before with deferent profile.Press continue. 

Link your Instagram to Facebook Account

You can read more and press add

Link your Instagram to Facebook Account

If you had several Facebook pages, it might pull up different Facebook pages, select and add one of these accounts that you want to link to it to this Instagram account, and press done at the right-top of the page.

Link your Instagram to Facebook Account

On the new page, you should press done one more time.

link instagram to facebook account


 Now you link your Instagram to Facebook Account. In this case, you can see at the bottom of the posting page, that you have Facebook toggle button. Once you post on Instagram this feature help you post on Facebook at the same time.


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