How to make a TikTok video?

Many TikToker use complicated equipment, such as expensive cameras, to make a TikTok video. I am not here to teach you how to make a TikTok video like the pros do it. There is no need for me to show you the complex process of creating a TikTok video.

There are many people and even many companies who cannot afford complicated tools, but that does not mean they cannot create professional-looking videos. You can make your own video like a pro with what you have. I am here to show you how to make video with your phone and even edit it on your phone.

It does not matter if you are a user of iPhone or Android, the process is the same. Now we assume you want to have a video. Launch the video creation page on TikTok where you record and add options to your videos. On the next pages there are some tools for editing videos. Here I am attempting to show you how to have a professional TikTok video with these tools and options.

I am about to cover three of the pages that are needed to make a TikTok video; the first page is “creation page”, the second is “edit page” and the last one is “post page”.

what is Creation page make a TikTok video

creation page of tik tok

A menu appears on the right side of the screen when you launch a TikTok video creation page. You can make slow motion to fast motion videos with the flip option, which switches video between front and selfie.two times faster than the usual speed of

I recommend that you leave this option on regular speed. In some cases, you want to make a video, but constant speed makes it boring. In this case you can use different speeds.

The next option that I am willing to talk about is “beauty”. If you record a face and use the beauty option you can see how it works. It basically removes imperfections on the face.

The next option that we have in the “video creation page” and next page is filter. If you click on every filter that you have at the bottom, you can see how it works. Try different filters to find the right one for your video.

Another option is the “timer”, which is a convenient option for those who want multiple clips. For example, when you enable the “countdown timer”, your video starts recording after ten seconds. In this option you can change the length of the clip.

Now look at the bottom, your video is set at   15 seconds but you can change it to 60 seconds, if you want 60 second video. You must choose a 60 seconds song if you choose a 60 seconds video section video creator.

The next thing that we have and it is located on the left side of the record button is “effects”. With this option we can do a variety of cool stuff. Some of them change the background; some of them are used to change the face.

The next option is “filter”. You have filters on creating a video page and on the editing page. I recommend using this option on the editing page. When the recording is finished, you will be on the next page which is “editing page”

Edit page

edit page of tik tok


Let me go to the next page, the “editing page”, right on the right side of screen you can see some options as well as “filter” you can for example make your video warm with filters that is on this page. Here, I explain some of options for you.

“Adjust clip”; when you hit this option, you can see a clip with a red bar. You can change the red bar to make an adjusted clip. When you’ve found the right clip, click on save.

“Voice over” this option is for when you want the original sound. So if you’d like to blend the voice over with the original sound, you can use this option or you can turn it off. Towards the bottom you have “sound”. Sound here is here for choosing a music track. Next to the “sound”, you have “volume” and this part is very significant. You can change the volume of the sound of your recorded video or whatever recording you take over video.

“Effect” tap is different from what I told you about “effects” on the “create page”. Here on the “edit page” there are bunch of effects and as long as you hold on to them you can see if you look like you in your video or not.

Now we have covered “sound” and “effect” on “edit page” the next option is “text” which is a very handy option in TikTok. There are text options that you can add to your text. You can bold your text or have colorful text. Try different tools to find the one that works best for you. You can also choose the duration of the text. If you are using a number of stickers and poles, this is the beginning and the end.

Now that we have completed editing the page, let us go ahead and post the page.

Post page

post page of tik tok

Using a hashtag is the most important part of the post if you want to be found on TikTok. You can also choose “cover” which is an image from video that is set on video.

You can see the next option “who can watch this video?” if you click on it. On the next page you have “everyone”, “friend”, and “private” options. Everyone is OK. The rest of the options are the same. “Who can comment?”, “stitch” and so on. All these options are on by default. All you need to do is hit on post button or draft button to save it and post it later.

I know this article was a bit long but I was trying to teach you all you need to know about How to make a TikTok video.

You now know how to create a professional video without the use of complicated software or hiring expensive editors. You can start and grow your own business on TikTok with simple tools and a touch of skill.

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