Twitter is one the most popular platform.  As with Instagram, There are private and public accounts on Twitter as well and  users have the option to make their Twitter account private.  People who wish to interact with your tweets should request, and you can accept or ignore their requests in your private account. Private and public account has own advantages and disadvantages that here i do not want to explain.

I am here to talk about how to make your Twitter account private. As many of you know the process of making tweet account to private is super easy and here I will show you how to do it with a few clicks on computer and application.

How to make a Twitter account private?

First log into Twitter on your phone. On the top-left of the screen, there is your profile picture, Tap on it. Click on setting and then “privacy and safety” under privacy and safety, you can see “audience and tagging”, click on it. on the audience and tagging page turn “protect your tweets” toggle on.

How to make a Twitter account private on a computer?

Open your Twitter account on your browser, make sure you are logged in, on the left side menu of the screen, there is a side bar, the last item of this menu is “more”, and click on it.

Once you click on “more”, as you can see in the following picture , it shows you a new small window, go to “settings and privacy”

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make twitter account private


then click on “privacy and safety”. then under “protect your tweets” section you can see and mark “only show your tweets to people who follow you, you need to approve each new follower ”

make twitter account private

From now on, only your current followers will see your tweets. In the future, you will decide who follows your account.

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