I know many people would like to have their own sticker but they do not know how to make a telegram sticker. They don’t even know they can do it. You can make telegram stickers, that’s what I’m telling you. That means anyone can do it. You don’t need to be a professional designer to make it. It does not need to work hours on graphic software. 

You will be amazed how easy is and you can do it with a few steps. In the following paragraphs, I will show you how to make telegram stickers with the easiest method. 

Use bot to make telegram stickers

Open your Telegram application
On the search box, type stickers’ bots
When you get the bot, click start
Tap on newpack, here bot want you to name your pack, type a name
After that, upload a 512*512 picture from the gallery, remember PNG format is allowed. attach your image as a file not as a photo.
Choose an imogi to define what imogi is used for your sticker
Select publish command
Now your pack is completed, bot want you to type a password
Choose a short and unique password
In the last message from bots, send you a UR
You can share this URL with your friends
In the following picture, I show you Bot icon and interface. 

making telegram sticker bot

How to prepare an image?

No matter what your operating system is. Widows or Mac, before starting to make a telegram, you should have a picture in PNG format. Use Photoshop, GIMP, or Affinity Photo software to make a PNG photo.

Here I use Affinity Photo on Mac but you can use Photoshop on windows. The process of turning format of a photo into PNG, on all software is the same, create 512*512pixel canvas, select a portion of photo that you want to turn into a sticker, copy and paste it on canvas or transparent layer, export the result as PNG.

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How to create a transparent PNG image in Photoshop?

Open your image that you wish to make a sticker out of it, preferably in 512*512 dimensions. If your image is not in 512*512 dimensions, Photoshop defines this photo as background. Double click on background image then press ok.

Create a new transparent layer, as I show you in the picture, under layer menu, click on new and then layer. Now you have a transparent layer and background layer.

Go to the background layer and select the portion of your background with selection tool (if you cannot see selection tool in the slide bar, as I show you in the picture. press CTR+F which is found a tool to discover and find every tool you need on Photoshop, type selection tool ) 

finding tool in photoshop

Press Ctrl+C to copy selected area
Go to transparent layer and Press Ctrl+V to paste the selected area on the transparent layer.
Delete background layer.

Now under File menu, click on export, set height and width 512*512 and, check if the format box is set on PNG format (look at the picture). 

exporting PNG image from photoshop

Affinity Photo on Mac

You can use Affinity Photo on Mac or GIMP. These tools are very powerful. I show you the process of turning a photo into stickers in a few steps.

Step one; Open your photo editing software such as Affinity Photo. The first step is to create a 512 x 512-pixel canvas. Choose to enable a transparent background.

Step two; Open the photo that you wish to make into a sticker.

Step three; use Freehand Selection tool on Affinity Photo to select a portion of the photo that you want to turn into sticker. If you want your selection edge soft, you can use the Feather tool under the Select menu. In case you use a picture like a bird, cat. You need to have a soft selection edge.   

Step four; copy selected portion and paste it on canvas.

Step five; under menu, select export to save it as a PNG file. Now you have a photo that you want to make into a sticker in PNG format.

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