There are hundred people on Instagram, a very interesting place for hackers. But you be very clever and make your Instagram account hard to access. Don’t make it wrong it is not hard to protect your Instagram account from hack.

How do I know my Instagram account has been hacked?

What sings says your Instagram account has been hacked? Not necessarily but following signs are the most commons that show other persons give control of your Instagram account or in other words, your Instagram account has been hacked.

The first sign and the most common sign showing you have been hacked is that you can`t access your account, in another word, a hacker before you access your Instagram account and change your credentials data. In this scenario, you are not allowed to access your account.

The second sign showing that you have been hacked is that you notify activities that you have never done. There are posts that you have never posted, comments that you never composed, someone else posts them on your page.

let`s get to it and answer the very question here.

How to protect your Instagram account from hack?

With three simple strategies, you can protect your Instagram account from hacking from zero to hero.

Don`t log in with your Facebook account; as many of you know, the inventor of Facebook and Instagram are the same. That`s why you can use your Facebook account to log in to Instagram. But might not be a good idea to use a Facebook account to get on Instagram. If your data get exposed, the hacker can access your Facebook account too.

Use a strong password; there is some password manager or app that can create and protect your password, some of them generate strong passwords and keep them safe. As a friend, I am telling you please use email passwords and account passwords differently.

Don’t trust links; hacking through a link is the easier way. Do not trust suspicious links. One click on a link is enough to be hacked.

Void fishing email; Today’s hackers send spam emails, invite you to click on a fake link, or want you to log in to your Instagram account through a fake link. Do not fall for them and just ignore all spam emails.

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Blocking suspicious followers; if you have suspicious followers, just block them. In case you are using platforms offering followers services like selling followers,choose the right one

Never use public Wi-Fi; places like cafes shops, hotels, or restaurants with public Wi-Fi are favorite places for hackers. They leave the vulnerabilities without being worried about being tracked. Places with open Wi-Fi are the most frequented places for a hacker

Use two-factor authentications; one of the most common activities that hackers do right after taking control of your page is changing your credentials data like user name and password. Fortunately, Instagram does not let everyone with passwords change them. If somebody tries to change a password, he/she receive a code from Instagram if he turns on two-factor authentication.

This feature avoids hacking, with two-factor authentication every time you try to access your account, should receive and enter a code that has been sent by Instagram via SMS. If a hacker tries to access your account, before he does something malicious, you notify and prevent him.

As everyone with an Instagram account should turn on two-factor authentications. Then in the following paragraphs, I will show you how to turn on two-factor authentications.

 How can I turn on two-factor authentications?

Go to your page, on the top click on the hamburger menu. At the top of the menu, click on setting. In setting page and under privacy press the security (figure1)

protect instragram acoount from hack

Then two-factor authentications will appear (figure2) ; now there are three options for you to use two-factor authentications, text messages, authentications app (recommended), and backup codes.


I prefer to use text messages which is the easiest way, all you have to do is turn on this option. (figure3) After that everyone with your password from a different device cannot access your Instagram account, Because Instagram will send you a text message.


 If you click on the first option and turn the authentications app on which is recommended by Instagram, authentications progress is done through a certain app.

What should I do first?

If you notice anything suspicious activity, first of all, change your password.

Some VPNs can avoid man-in-middle attacks (MITM); some VPNs do not, some of the control traffic between your device and gateway. Then if you use public Wi-Fi frequently, use a good VPN to make sure your connection is safe.

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