I am pretty sure that when you are surfing on Instagram, you want to have some video for yourself. In case you are interested in video, Instagram provides bookmark, you simply click on the bookmark icon that is located right-bottom of every post but what if you want to save Instagram videos to gallery?

Unfortunately, there is no build-in option for downloading videos. First of all, I would like to say never save personal videos to your phone, this is serious, ignore it, it is illegal. It is against of terms of privacy and policy of Instagram. You probably remember when installing Instagram app, you agreed with these terms of privacy and policy. Then please do not cross the line unless you will be in trouble.

Now, it is time to dive into saving Instagram videos to gallery. There are several applications that are used to save Instagram videos to gallery but here I am going to recommend the best of them.

I know many have iphone, this article is also written for them.

Save master

Step one, go to video that you want to save on your phone, click the three-dot icon, this icon goes by the name of “more setting icon”.

Under the “more setting” menu tap on “share to” then select “save master”, the video will automatically download to your gallery. That`s it. Easy and with a few clicks.

save instagram video on gallery

To add “save master to share menu” go to “play store” where everyone download applications, search “Save master”. Install and open the app. When this application launches, it asks you about details. You can skip how to use the application and there is no need for additional login.

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This application also helps you download videos from other social media.

How to save Instagram videos to gallery in iPhone?

There are several applications for iPhone but what I am going to recommend here is a website.

  • Go to download buddy.in
  • Select the video from Instagram.
  • Copy video link
  • Paste the link on Download buddy.in
  • Hit download button

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