Telegram is a powerful app and updates its application time by time. In recent update, Telegram introduces a new feature that schedules telegram messages or posts. Channel owners and administrators are the ones who regularly post messages; this feature will be very useful to them.
You don’t have to be in the channel every day once you learn how to Schedule Telegram Messages. Telegram will post for you.

How to Schedule Telegram Messages

Imagine you want to send a message to a business group the day before Friday that says “you have been invited to the meeting that will take place on Friday night.”
Open your Telegram application
Go to the contact or group you want to schedule a message.
Write the message that you schedule, and hold the send button, as you can see in the picture, you have two options, “schedule message” and “send without sound”.

 Schedule Telegram Messages
Go ahead and press “schedule message”. when you hit the “schedule message”, a calendar pups up.

 Schedule Telegram Messages
Set the time on colander and click the button. Once it is done, the notification will appear on the top of the chat.

 Schedule Telegram Messages
Now you have a schedule telegram messages, as I told you before scheduling messages on Telegram is very easy and handy, you can do it next time that you want to send message to anyone in your contact list; this feature is available on private chat and public groups or channels.

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