Getting on the top on Instagram is not easy, true! Growing followers organic on Instagram takes time and effort. True! Becoming famous on Instagram is difficult. That is correct! Marketing on Instagram needs a plan. Also correct. Getting noticed on Instagram is not the same as what was before. Completely true. start to sell products on Instagram in 2022 is a difficult task, of course not. I mean it. This one is not correct. Of course, the world of social media has changed but successful businesses also change aline with them. Always you can take advantage of all social media especially Instagram.

Some companies work on Instagram marketing for brand awareness or introducing their products but if your goal of being on Instagram is to sell products, this article is written for you. If you running a business and want to sell products but have not thought of Instagram as a powerful marketing tool yet, What are you doing? So if you want to start being professional on Instagram You’re in luck because in this article I am going to walk you through the steps to better business on Instagram.

Take these steps to sell products on Instagram.

The first step, growing followers

First of all, you need followers, those are actually buyers. You can read an article about how to get more followers on Instagram. There I talked about tips and tricks in growing Instagram followers. All you need to know is written to get more people on your page.

Second step, consistency

I am pretty sure you hear the word “consistency is key” but it is really true. When it comes to social media marketing, you should be there. Consistency works for you to sell products on Instagram. You should create content Consistency, answer comments and even be active on other pages consistently. You have to come up with strategy of content strategy and stick to the timeline.

What kind of post you need to create to sell products on Instagram?

Before answering the question I would like to say every month about 130 million people click on Instagram shopping posts which means people use Instagram to buy what they want. Think this through is there any product that you cannot sell on Instagram? No matter what kind of industry you are working in, Instagram is for you to sell more products.  

  Professional bio help ypu sell products in Instagram

Use your keyword in the name field, when a user comes to your page, she or he finds out which products you are selling with one look at bio.

Mention delivery method or delivery information. You see when I want to buy products online; this feature is bold for me. Before buying, I want to know how I can get that. I am pretty sure that many people think like me. This kind of information clearly tells you everything about delivery in the first place

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Use brand Hashtags or product hashtags, in this case, people who search for your products can find you.

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Use Shoppable posts

Instagram adds a feature that allows you to activate and people can buy from you directly through Instagram app. To use this feature, you need a business account, if your account is not business you can switch your account to business.

 Instagram also provides shopping through IGTV and Live shopping, this feature allows you to set up a live and sell products. Did you know that you can live, present your products and people request size and color through live? It is good to know that many requests come through Live.

Selling digital products on Instagram

There are two strategies for selling physical and digital products on Instagram. For many selling digital products on Instagram is a puzzle, they want to know what Instagram features they can use to sell more digital products on Instagram. I walk you through a few steps to crack this puzzle.

Let me break the good news. There is no mystery in selling digital products, you can use all features that are used for physical products for selling digital products as well but two points you should consider in selling digital products on Instagram. One; create mock-up products as it is war as a physical product. Second; create a peek inside video of your product to make it more intangible.


Influencers help you represent your brand. The point is, now influencers are working specifically. It is important to choose a related influencer for your industry. Influencers help you get more related followers to tour businesses and drive followers to your page.

Customer services

Customer service always gets more customers. In the online world also customer service plays a significant role in customer loyalty. Let`s see you want to sell products on Instagram, do you answer any direct message you got? Do you answer complaints and every nagy question that might ask every customer that bought from you? If so, you are in luck because this kind of customer service helps you sell more and more products on Instagram.

Responding to any comments, questions and concerns is very important and turns followers into customers. Never leave questions related to your product unanswered, answer those as soon as possible. This shows you, professionals. That really sets you apart from your competitors, because many pages busy answer questions, they simply ignore this opportunity by leaving questions unanswered.

Selling on Instagram needs commitment rather than money to advertisement. You should be there for your customer all day long.

Do not ignore the power of story

A very powerful tool to sell products on Instagram is the story. If you are looking for ideas for story, check storyvault. co site. You will see about 800 Instagram stories ideas for selling products through the story. These ideas are categorized and I am assuring you will find what you are looking for.

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