E-marketing is efficient marketing that allows you to communicate with millions of people around the world. You can sell your products with a single page on Instagram, No needs to pay for rent, this is helpful when you have to cut expenses but marketing through social media is not that easy, statistics show about 4000000 posts are uploaded on Instagram every hour.The truth is, walking through social media without “Set Social Media Marketing Goals” is not a smart move. Standing and staying on the top on social media is a big challenge.

What goals do companies set?

  When you start e-marketing or start social e-marketing, do you set goals? Have you ever metrics that goal? recent study shows companies that are actively using social media for business goals shows that most companies use social media for brand awareness, manage brand reputation, sell products and offering services, get most potential customers, identify and nurture leads, delivering and customer services, attract candidates(for recruitment), identify crisis and manage communication, and improve internal communication. Which goals your company trying to achieve with social media?

 The point is most companies work on building awareness, reputations, and building management on engaged communities but why? Achieving these goals is not easy. Let me break something to you, social Medias are not a place for your business goals, it is designed and work for their business goals which are keeping people on the platform.

What metric do you need to chase to evaluate your goals on social Medias?

If you set a goal, now you are ready to metrics those goals. Metric your goal in four categories; no matter what is your goal, you have to metric your goal.


How many people are aware of your brand? If you get confused, you should break this question into intangible several questions like, how many followers have you added? How many people see your content on feed? How many people talking about you on social media and finally how do these numbers are compared to your competitors.


Knowing how many people are aware of your brand is one thing and how many people get involved with your brand is another. Engagement is a very important metric because it is one step forward than awareness. Focus on likes, comments, sharing content, and rating and reviews. This metric is the key because most social Media algorithm is designed to look wisely at it. Besides if you get engagement, you will get more reach as well.

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There are other metrics that you should know like are these numbers helping you make money? Reputation, brand awareness directly cannot help you make money that is why I want to break another metric.


This word stands for return investment, a very common phrase in the economic world. Professional marketers know how to use it. Social media drive traffic to your website or third-party store. If social media does not directly increase conversion, then it can increase lead conversion.

Set Social Media Marketing Goals

Customer service  Set Social Media Marketing Goals 

This one is for businesses that want to cut expenses. Studies show providing customer services through email will cost you four dollars for every interaction, providing this interaction to a customer by phone which in customers call you or you call them cost you six dollars but in case you use social media this interaction will cost you one dollar. When it comes to Set Social media marketing goals, many companies ignore using social media as a powerful tool to provide customer services; they do not ever consider customer service as a goal let alone use it.

Customer service metrics

If you use social media for customer service, be sure to metrics customer services. You might probably ask how can I metrics customer services through social media, I would answer, by answering these questions, what kind of issues were resolved through social media? How long does it take to resolve a certain issue? What was the average response time to addressing an issue?

Now you know what goals are it is up to your company and business to choose and Set Social media marketing goals but if you are still in doubt, make sure your goals are in line with SMART strategy.


When it comes to setting goals, this strategy comes accross. No matter what kind of goals you are setting, you should seriously consider this method in every move you want to make. 

SMART stands for Specific, Measurement, Achievable, Relevant and, timely, before setting goals you should consider these keys. Your goal should be specific which means knowing exactly what you are looking for. Here I would like to explain every term in the SMART method simply. Measurement means you can measure your success from time to time with numbers. Achievable means setting goals that your team can be reasonably expected to meet. Relevant means setting goals that affect your business. Timely means you can set a timer for achieving what you want. 

With the SMART strategy, setting and tracking goals become handy. It is like a light above your head on an e-marketing road. E-marketing advisers insist on checking every detail about goals because it strongly affects rising outputs. 

By perusing the right goals on social media and tracking efforts using the right metrics, you will soon see results that your business can bank on.

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