Instagram and YouTube have been working together. When you have users on Instagram and Instagram let you take off, Take the advantage of Instagram to boost YouTube channel with share YouTube video on Instagram story.

Instagram provides a swipe up a link on story that links to your YouTube channel. this is an incredible opportunity that Instagram offers for everyone with youtube channel.

How to activate swipe up link of YouTube on story?

Go to YouTube channel and click on the three-dot button that is located on the top-right of every video on your YouTube channel, select “share”. Now with this a few clicks you have your video link, go to Instagram, go to Instagram story, post a thumbnail (see the picture)

youtube link on instagram story

You are not going to take a picture, here you are going to use the upload option.

To add a link, use link icon right on the top of the story. Now you have two options if you have 10000 followers select IGTV and if you have over 10000 followers select weblink. (see the picture)

youtube link on instagram story

Accounts with less than 10000 can only use IGTV. Paste the link that you have already downloaded in weblink blank.

Now you have a story with a swipe up YouTube link. When users swipe up, they directly go to YouTube videos.

In my experience, for many, it is way easier for users to swipe up or taping on a link rather than other ways. And in the other hand, it is also easier for E-marketers to get the users to YouTube channel by link or swipe up either. In this method, with a few minutes and less effort, you can share YouTube video on Instagram story and get organic traffic to YouTube.

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