What is an Instagram activity feature?

Like other social media, Instagram has the ability to hide last seen online on app. This option is called “activity status” on Instagram. It is enabled by default that means by default users can see your online activity on Instagram unless you turn it off. I am pretty sure that many users prefer to hide online activity but they do not know how to activate it.

Why should I do that?

When you enable this feature on Instagram, your online status will no longer be visible. You will not see your friend’s activity either.

How to turn off Instagram Activity feature?

  • Launch Instagram app on your mobile device
  • Log in to your profile
  • Right next to the edit profile button is the setting icon. Tap it
  • Under setting page, scroll down until you can see “activity status”

turn of activity status on instagram

  • After that you will see “show activity status “ button, turn it off

show activity status

When the switch turns from blue to white activity status has been disabled.

How to Turn off Active Status on Instagram (web)

  • Open your web browser
  • log in to your profile
  • Click your profile icon (located at the top-right) and then go to Settings
  •  go to “Privacy and Security”
  • Under “Activity Status “section , uncheck the box “Show Activity Status”

It is helpful to know that if you disable the status on the mobile app, your activity status is still visible on other devices like desktops. Then you need to turn it off in both places.

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It is important to note that any changes in Instagram like reinstallation or any other changes on the app that reset the app  default settings, may reverse the Instagram activity feature. In this case you should do the process of turning off Instagram activity feature again.

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