How to turn off likes on Instagram?

One of the features recently added by Meta to Instagram is to hide the number of likes for posts and even disable the like option, which has attracted the attention of many users. Due to the fact that these days the Instagram application has become one of the best applications and social networks, it has also brought with it some sensitivities.

So that many researchers came to the conclusion that the users of this platform suffer from many anxieties in different fields, especially attracting likes. And this factor made the meta a big challenge!

On the one hand, there were businesses that needed to display the number of likes and satisfaction to show the number of users’ satisfaction with their product, and also bloggers who had a large number of followers and followers, for them, displaying the number of likes was very important; And on the other hand, there are ordinary users who are just looking for entertainment on Instagram and don’t need to enter this big challenge and display the number of their likes, so this factor could reduce the anxiety of users of this platform.

Finally, Meta decided to leave it up to the users to enable or disable this feature based on their needs.

In this website we are going to teach you how to enable and disable the number of likes.

First of all, let me tell you that if your Instagram application is not updated, update it so that we do not face possible problems.

To turn off likes of all your posts, follow the steps below:

1_ Open the app and click on your profile icon.

2_ Then click on the three-line menu on the top right.

3_ In iPhone phones, a menu will open at the bottom of the screen, and in Android phones, a menu will open on the left side. Click on the settings option.

4_ Then go to the privacy section.

5_ Select the post option.

6_ Then turn on the hide like and view counts.

Now, if you look carefully at your account’s posts, you will see that the number of your likes is no longer clear and it will no longer be displayed to anyone.

To display the number of likes again, repeat the above steps and turn off the corresponding option.

Note: If you want to hide only the likes of a specific post, follow the steps below:

1_ Open the desired post.

2_ Click on the three dots above the post.

3_ Click on the option to hide likes count.

4_ Now, if you view your post, you will no longer see the number of likes.

You can see the number of likes of your post by clicking on the option of others.

To display the number of likes of the same post, repeat the above steps and click on the option of not hiding the number of likes.