We live in a world of applications; a lot of these apps are social media. Every social media site has its own features that can help you reach a higher level in marketing. Twitter with 330 million active monthly users Instagram with one billion active users gives you this opportunity to upload photos and videos about your business. Think of it, what products can’t you sell on social media? All you have to do is learn how to use social media marketing to grow businesses.

What is social media marketing?

According to some resources, digital marketing refers to all marketing efforts done on the internet to maximize its potential. That includes any and all efforts, tips and tricks that you use on websites, social media, and search engines to maximize their effectiveness. In today`s world, every interaction on the internet can be social marketing.

No matter what you have done there are guidelines to follow. Here I define four digital marketing tips and give an example for each of them.

The very first thing about social media marketing that you need to know is that marketing through online marketing is very competitive. You need to understand how to use social media for marketing purposes.

Define your audience use Social media marketing to grow businesses

The Internet is everywhere, and your goal is to market on social media, but a successful business has a focus. You cannot know and work effectively with every user.

You have to know what kind of customer you are working on in details. Draw a very clear picture of your audience. How? Here are some questions you can ask, as well as many others, such aswhat are their preferences? Where are they usually online? What are their usual habits?

I would like to make it more clearly with an example; let’s say your audiences are women between 25-35. You should know the peak time they are usually online is somewhere between 8-10 every night. The reason is that many women between 25-35 usually work in the morning, or they are usually busy with children, or they may be students, and even if they check your post, it is very likely that they will disregard it. They will disregard it. Then the most appropriate time for posting on social media would be somewhere between 8 and 10 night.

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Knowing your audience is not a difficult job. You can ask tricky questions directly or indirectly.

use Social media marketing to grow businesses

You really need a plan

No matter what kind of social media you are utilizing from Facebook to Instagram there are hundreds of tools for scheduling and planning. The first step in any social media marketing journey is planning, and these tools make planning easier. Many of these tools are free and you do not need to put money aside for them.

Be creative

Some say being ordinary is not relevant to social media marketing anymore. Some digital marketers say; I would say social media is a place for creativity; do something new, I assure you, it will work. It does not mean you do not look at your favorite brands; every brand can inspire you, take an idea, change it and use it for yourself. Keep a watchful eye on captions, pictures, tone, voice, and ideas. Change it and use it for your brand.

Do not be afraid of testing. It is part of the process of social media marketing. Finding the right content for you and for every social network may take some time, but it is worth it.


Define your goal

Do you want to sell something on social media or get attention? Do you prefer to use social media as a tool to introduce upcoming products or use it as a place for customer services? Maybe you think of them all. But which one is a high priority? List what you want from social media marketing in order of priority.

Track your performance

When you track your activities in social media marketing, you may find that some strategies don’t work or go well as well as you’d anticipated. So track your activities to find out what strategies work for you.

There are free tools for tracking, scheduling and planning social media marketing activities on www.hubspotcom; Professionals in the field of online social media marketing. Join the site and you will soon be able to use the right tool to get the job done and save time, energy, and money.

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