When someone comes to your page, the very first thing he or she would see is your bio. He or she with one look at your Instagram bio will decide to leave your page or stay.

What is an Instagram bio?

Instagram allows you to write 150 characters under the profile name of your page called bio. Instagram bio is a window, it tells everyone who you are, and what do you offer?

Running a business on Instagram becomes easier. if you pay attention to details. Composing bi is not exact details but it could profoundly affect individually on each use. 

Why good Instagram bio is important?

Statistics show most Instagram users leave pages before scrolling down to videos or photos, if you are working on taking good photos or writing good capture, without a good bio, all your efforts go away

Here, in this article, I will share with you some tips and tricks that help you compose a good bio. Let us jump into it.

What Instagram bio should be?

Be exact

Be clear; Tell what you do exactly as simplest and shortest word as possible. Get to the point If you are a dentist, say I am a dentist or if a page belongs to a business tell what product or services you are offering.

In the following paragraph, I write two bios from two different eyewear companies. Which one do you prefer? Which one can you understand what they are offering?

Bio number one, prescription eyewear and sunglasses, all right reserved, starting at US$95.

Bio number two, eyewear and sunglasses store.

As you can see, the first bio never gets to the point. Is it an eyewear and sunglasses store? The second bio says this page belongs to the eyewear and sunglasses store.

Add link

If you have a website Instagram allows you to add your website link to your bio. This is an opportunity that Instagram gives to businesses and it is also useful for SEO. This link can be a blog post, a product page of your website, or even a link to a video that you have uploaded to YouTube.

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Just one link is allowed, so be careful about what you insert as a link to your bio. My recommendation is a website page rather than a blog post or other links.

Be Creative

If I want to write one million articles about Instagram marketing, digital marketing, and e-commerce, I write this chapter repeatedly. This platform needs it, this is not something that could be regardless. I always say do it, this platform is a place for new ideas. 

If you are new to social media marketing, I would say welcome to the world of ideas. Digital marketing is challenging for some but not for me, for me it is a business with ideas, creativity and tries some ideas after another.

Being creative is totally aligned with being exact. Here are some new ideas that you can use for your page. also Fortunately, there are some websites offering bio templates for Instagram bio. 

  • Add humor, that is what makes a difference and can attract attention.
  • Using emoji is allowed, sometimes emoji say what words cannot say.
  • Capital letters boost readability and get attention.

Add location and address for having a good Instagram bio

If you are running a business that is related to a location, add location to your bio. Adding locations is not enough, add the address.

How to insert an address to your Instagram bio?

Go to your page, click on Edit profile (picture1)

good instagram bio

Scroll down until the contact option (figure2)

perfect instagram bio

Under the contact options menu, insert your business address (figure3)

Never change your Username

If you run a business on Instagram, never ever change your name, never change your username. This is what should be forever. Before starting an activity on Instagram is careful about the name and the username. This name will come on the website, podcasts, Interviews, and other social media. Sometimes you cannot go back and correct what you write or say. For example, my Instagram username is x. I put this username on visiting card or business card which is very common; I give this visiting card to someone, now you tell me, that`s it. We never see him again. How can I find him or her and say, hello Mr. or Mrs. I am sorry, I should correct my username. Besides, your user name is like your word. you cannot change your word in business.

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