Making at the top on YouTube is one thing and staying at the top of YouTube is another. Today’s problem is not how to make it on the top of YouTube or It does not matter how to make a video, it is a matter of staying at the top of Youtube. Social media marketing is working on ranking videos on YouTube, this task is really necessary. Some videos fall how many videos are uploaded on YouTube every day? 5000 videos are uploading while we`ve had this conversation.  

Create value for Staying at the top of YouTube 

Unfortunately, the Internet becomes a dumping ground for every meaningless content but if you like staying at the top of Youtube, the main reason for making a video on YouTube should be making value, increasing information, solving problems, helping people to make good decisions. You may ask what is a real conversation or valuable content. Start a real conversation, answer real questions, and try to do something valuable. If you want to be at the top and stay at the top of YouTube.

Let me explain it, let us say, You are a programmer, a professional one, show guide to beginner, start making videos about errors that may every programmer’s face rather than making some meaningless videos about programmers, these kinds of videos soon or later will be demoted. If you do something valuable it will be for a long time on the top not just for short time.

Staying at the top of YouTube

As I mentioned before, creating value is very important but it is not everything, you should put other factors in second priorities as well like;

Make Fresh videos 

Let us say you are a programmer. It is work that you make videos about what is not used yet? That is true in other fields but not that obvious. No matter how fresh are you, every fresh gets old one day, so upload fresher videos on YouTube channels. If your channel is fresh and valuable, people will decide to stay and subscribe, subscribing is a positive point for you to stay at the top of YouTube.

Creativity is king

Search for fresh content, the internet is full of pictures that people uploaded while they spent time on holly day, people are interested in traveling but what they would follow your 

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tube channel? Because you have created. You do not just make a video about some places that is why every traveling channel does, you inject a little creativity; you make videos about what people usually never see on other traveling YouTube channels.

Social markers suggest strategy, plan rather than creativity; I recommend creativity rather than everything else. It works. Try it to be sure for yourself.

Know YouTube

Try to do something that people never leave the video until it is finished. It is not easy; people with a wide range of preferences are sitting behind screens. Making a good video that could satisfy all these differences is very challenging.

People spend one billion hours on YouTube watching videos every day. No one is sitting on YouTube watching every video and ranking them. If you enjoy staying at the top on YouTube, you should know YouTube behavior as well.

The YouTube algorithm looks at every metadata of uploaded videos. Part of the ranking decision is depending on what the video is about, which videos or categories it’s related to, and who is the audience of this video or who is going to watch it?  

 In case you make good metadata, your chances of being right videos for the audience increase, your videos are seen more, and YouTube will show you to more people.   

Be best of yourself

Sometimes our plan works, some of them do not work. This is life, we cannot say if this idea works for this video, it will work for another for one hundred percent, social medial is a platform sometimes, you should try something especially new, challenging.

Be ready for learning new thing from social media, sometimes a bit of change in videos make it like forever, then do not be afraid to do something new. Every new will teach you a new lesson. Every lesson leads you to better performance in the future.

Make a good channel

Profile picture, and ‘About’ section are important. I am pretty sure that every user that has experience on YouTube knows that “about” is important but what “about” should be? What do you want to do on your channel? Be specific, no hint of irony, so straightforward. This one is not very important but what makes you apart from everyone else is details. Pay attention to details.