Competing becomes very complicated, every artist wants to be heard, to be the center of attention, graphic designers, editors, singers, missions with beautiful Instagram, Facebook, and other Social media for artists that are out there competing with ideas. 

But I always say social media is cool and is just a game, you do something, then create something else, you get something from that and how it works, I mean, it is kind of unpredictable, it depends on creativity and artist are creative, I love artist pages for those fresh and cool ideas. They know how to combine beauty with pictures, they know colors, they are just very nice people, sometimes I think these guys beautify social media.

What is” Social Media for artists?”

As I am interested in artists, people also are interested in artists, especially famous ones. If you are an artist, let me say something to you, if somebody asks me” what is Social media for artists?” I would answer one world, Interesting. Artists are cool, social media are cool, what a great combination.

In this article,  I will share with you some tips and tricks about what artists  should do or what should not do on social media to use social media as a tool to become winners in this crazy world.

Social Media for artists

Use the right social media

 You see, most people who like art do not like politics, I do not know why it is very common but this is real. Explore your surrounding area of yours. How many people are interested in both politics and arts? rarely, Twitter is not for artists, and just like that Instagram is not a very good place for some others. If you are artist, your time and effort will go for nothing.

Be on schedule

 I know maybe and just maybe some artist would say, art is spontaneous, very cool, I know artist, I have a sister who is an artist. She starts with ideas and she always says ideas come to my mind, they never come with schedule, she starts to work deeply, work with colors, at the end of the work, amazing, I mean, I somehow understand the artist and for some reasons I know some of tend to work freely. For example, my sister never sits down, takes time to think, what kind of picture is good for today’s post. It just occurs to her brain, and sometimes weeks pass with no post. But I suggest you have a plan and stick to it.

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As I mention before, artists are creators, they do not have problems with creating new things, then why do they duplicate one post to every social media account that they have?

They do not need to multiple one posts to every social media account. For example, if you have an Instagram account and Facebook account you probably want to create one post and post it on every account that you have. Do not do it. You are not the same as businessmen or teachers or programmers or doctors, you are an artist your page are not the same as theirs. As artists are unique, social Media for artists is unique too. No need for extra time and effort just apply a little change on primary posts and share it with another social account that you have.

Real-world connection end up to social media connection

People that have larger networks in real work have the same in social media, friends of your friends also come to your Social media.

Go a little farther

Do you want to be better than another artist on social media? You need to know how to write captions. How to make conversation. It is not necessary to be very professional but to be a little better than your competitors. Don’t forget to write good captions, interact with people, answer comments, or ignore them; a good caption can save you because maybe 90 percent of artists are good at photography but not in writing.   

 Maybe you are not a gamer kind of guy but, think of a game, an interesting one. Don’t make it complicated, it is cool, it is easy, just make sure you get the most of it. I want to end this article with one thing “no joy. You will fail”. Make sure you have fun with social media.







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