if you want to know the importance of Social medias for small businesses look at following scenario that is very familiar to us; somebody thinks of a product or a service, the first thing she/he does is to check her/ his social media or browses this service or product on her/ his iPad. Right? 

Do you have a small business that wants to grow? Do you want to show your product, reach customers and start branding? So what are you waiting for? Start posting today.  

Statistics you need to know

 Nowadays potential buyers are sitting behind smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. seven in ten Facebooks users say check Facebook at least once a day, 37% of Instagram users check the app or Instagram website several times a day. 76% of consumers have purchased a product they saw in a brand’s social media post: 11% bought immediately; 44% bought later online. 

Some expert marketers think social media is the heart of marketing. If you speak with successful brands, they would say: Using social media for small businesses is not something that could be regardless, it is a priority. No matter how big your company is or what kind of product you are offering, today’s marketing without social media is impossible.

Almost all social Media are simple, with no need for technical expertise to use. For many Social Media are not just a place for sharing personal photos or experiences, are a platform for reaching customers. 

You may need just a person or two to hold responsible for what you want to put on your social media or managing audiences. Almost every small business can afford it.

Social medias for small business

why Social medias for small businesses?

In the following step I want to answer a very important question that might cause to your mind; why is social media for small businesses?

  • Customers of small businesses are on the internet. If you are looking for more visitors or buyers, these kinds of platforms help you to be visited. Activities like how to use a certain product, review products, pricing, and additional services that you may offer are things that people are looking for.
  • Low-cost high revenue; what you get out of social networks activities is nothing compared with traditional ways of advertisement. 
  • Interact with your customers; Your customer preference, 
  • Social media for small businesses connect customers, businesses, and even competitors. You can easily track your competitors( it means how many followers they have, how many)  
  • Social Media Advertising is free. Beside. No limit to the advertisement.
  • Fewer employees, higher revenue; every small activity on your social account attracts much attention. While employees that are hired for your social activities are one or two.
  • No waiting time; you can post about new products every day and everywhere.
  • Brand awareness; about 85% of businesses use social media for brand awareness rather than selling products. But unfortunately, 50% of small businesses do not use Social Media for introducing their brand and just a few of them have planned to do so. If you start a small business. Don’t miss this opportunity. Social media is the voice of your company.
  • Rank your website higher; some search engines like google considers all social Media that belong to your company too.  if your company has a website and your team tries to get your website a higher rank, you should focus on your social media as well. For example, Google, as the master of searching engines, considers all social Media activities that you have and how long you are actively working on other social media like Instagram or Facebook. If you want to get your website higher rank, work on social networks harder.  
  • Some social media like Instagram give you very important data. 
  • Social media build loyalty; when you are hearing your customer, asking them, answering their question, you are actually, building loyalty. 
  • Social Media connects your small business to the right influences; social media like Instagram have many influencers that are related to your services. That means in this platform, customers are classified by influences pages and advertisement is more efficient.
  • Using the social network for small business bring this opportunity that every company can measure its success. You can consistently monitor and analyze any activities.
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Every social media uses algorithms that focus on how people participate on your page. If you want a high performance, you should know how to deal with this algorithm. 

there are hundred questions about Social medias for small businesses like how many followers you have or how can you add more followers on your Instagram page? how to invite followers to be engaged are examples for getting better performance?

 Now, if you take a step forward and create an account on social networks to get the most of them for your small business, read our next article about social media for small business tips. It is time to qualify your activities on social networks.

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