Success is not meth but is an achievement, if you want your videos on YouTube to get more attention; you have to work on YouTube marketing strategy, if you work your company gets more attention. YouTube as a part of electronic marketing can play a significant role in making attention.

What is YouTube Marketing?

As many of you know YouTube as the largest site for uploading videos is up and running. Some social markers say after Google, YouTube is the second popular search engine. About 300,000 videos are uploaded every hour. With this amount of it cannot be easy to stand out from other videos. That is why I write this article to help boost the next video you are going to upload on the internet.

All videos that are uploaded on YouTube have metadata. But what is metadata exactly? All the information that comes with that video, Let us say you are looking for a video. What makes you click on a video on searching YouTube result page? People decide to click on your video or not with one look at what you write about videos.

in the following paragraph I will explain the latest YouTube marketing strategy in details:

You should perform a good title

Who knows what people search on YouTube frequently? Websites like google planner and HubSpot help you crack this puzzle. Use them for keyword researching. The title should be precise, clear, and include a relevant keyword.


Decorate the first paragraph of the YouTube description with wise and attractive sentences. Why? Because YouTube always shows the first paragraph of your description, if you what to see more, you should unclasp the description. Most people never unclasp the description and only read the first paragraph. If this paragraph cannot attract them they leave your videos. Unfortunately, videos that left soon do not get the chance to get a high rank.

In the following picture, I will show you the clasp and unclasp meanings. As you can see in picture one there is one paragraph.

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youtybe marketing strategy

If somebody clicks the unclasp button, he/ she will see the rest of the sentence. But ha\ow many people decide to tap on unclasp button and then write the first paragraph wisely.


in YouTube marketing strategyTagging is still popular; add the relevant tag to your videos. Make sure these keywords are short and general. If you add a nonrelevant tag YouTube knows and delete or spam your videos.

Add subtitles

Videos with subtitles have a bigger chance to get more visits and get a higher rank on YouTube. I recommend the auto option. Type the transcription and let YouTube do the timing task.

Add your videos to playlist

Your YouTube channel must be organized. People who follow your channel know your content.

Valuable content key value in YouTube Marketing

If you want to be on the top for a long time, you have to write valuable content. But what is valuable content? Let me give you a for instance, you are looking for a video that shows you how to write an article, good but there are hundreds of videos on YouTube about how to write an article or something like that. The question is, which one gets its way to the top? And which one stays at the top for a long time?

Generalized your content

The most important factor is to make a good and valuable video; a valuable video will answer all following these questions, how to write the first and the last paragraph? How to optimize your content for a search engine? What is heading one, two, or three? What makes your content get more visited? How many times your keywords should repeat?  

Specialize your contents

What takes you apart from every other video on YouTube, learn something more, and go a little further. If your competitors make a video about writing an article generally, you make a video or several videos about how to make by details.

Answer key questions

Who are your audiences? Know about their gender, their occupation. Where do they live? What motivates them?  their lifesty, their attitude, their income? Not just say something, write it down on paper. Think about it. Ask about it. if you do this, your videos become more valuable, these kinds of questions clear the path for you to get a higher rank on YouTube.

According to what I recommended before, your next video will get a better place on the YouTube search result page. 

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