When you are the group admin in Telegram, it can be complex to control the chats and how people are allowed to have conversations. But Telegram has a helpful feature to help admins manage the discussion in large groups. This article will explain what is telegram slow mode and how to enable it.

What is telegram slow mode?

The admins of telegram groups can choose a timeline in which each group member can send a message only once. For example, if the admin decides on a minute timeline, each member can send only one message per minute, and if they want to send another message, they should wait for 60 seconds.

Why use telegram slow mode?

Using slow mode has many benefits for the chat. It helps admins to prevent excessive messages from the members of the group. This benefit is significant, especially in large groups, when controlling the discussion between members is challenging. By activating this feature, they can have more organized conversations.

slow mode

How does telegram slow mode work?

When the admin of telegram groups enables the slow mode feature, users have to wait for the time the admin set before sending another message. If they want to send the message sooner, they would be notified that their time has not ended yet and they have to wait. Admins can choose the duration of slow mood from a few seconds to a few minutes.

Step-by-step guide for enabling slow mode in telegram

To activate this feature, you should follow some steps. Here are six steps to start the slow mode feature for your group.

Step 1: First, you should open the telegram application and go to the group in which you want to activate the slow mode.

Step 2: look for the group editing. Usually, you can find it by tapping on the group’s name. You can access various collaborative features and settings once you have located the group editing option by tapping the group name.


Step 3: The pencil icon on the right top of the screen that just the group admin can see. When you tap on this pencil, you can edit the features of the group. This feature allows the group admin to quickly change the group settings, such as updating the group name description or changing the group’s profile picture. It also lets you activate the slow mode.

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Step 4: There is an option named “permission” below the “reactions.” Tap on it to set permissions for group members. This option allows you to manage what actions group members can take within the group. You can limit certain activities or give specific permissions based on the needs of your group.


Step 5: You can see the slow mode right here. There are different durations. Depending on the number of group members, choose one of these durations to set the time. If you select 10 seconds, members should wait 10 seconds before sending another text to the group.

slow mode

Step 6: Remember to save changes. You can save your changes by tapping the check icon on the right top of the screen.


Tips for using slow mode effectively

Before setting the duration time, understand the activity level of the group members. Sometimes, setting a short time, like ten seconds, will not be practical. On the other hand, if you choose long durations, users don’t like to have conversations anymore. So, it is essential to keep the balance.

You can ask the members about their opinions and adjust the slow mode duration. You are shortening the time if you see that they don’t like to have conversations anymore, and the slow mode negatively affects them.

You should talk to the group members, show them how slow mode can be effective, and help them have better conversations by explaining the benefits of slow mode, such as boosting thoughtful discussions and reducing excess information.


Telegram has a feature known as slow mode. This feature is available for group admins to control the conversation of large groups. In this feature, the group admin can set a time for members to wait before texting. For example, if the admin chooses 10-second slow mode, the users should wait 10 seconds before sending another message to the groups. However, you should set just a short and long. Because too short time is not adequate and too long times cause the members don’t like to have a conversation in the group anymore

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