Time has changed, the world has changed, everything has changed, the marketing world is not exceptional. nowadays, marketing without Social media is meth. In the past people, customers, sellers, were setting strike to a conversation but not this time.

 As social Media reshape every day of our life. It also changes the way of selling products or offering services, in one word everything we do to promote our business. But why do some businesses stick to old versions of marketing?   

What is social media marketing?

Activities like, business do on social media to sell a product, see customers, get the attention of those with selling positional, drive traffic to the website, running a campaign, all Policies, all programs what efforts businesses do on social media with commercial purpose called social media marketing.

You see, there is a term E-marketing which stands for electronic marketing, this term covers the range of online marketing including websites, social media platforms, and so on but social media marketing is limited to one thing social media, how can I as a brand be more successful on social media.

Of course, online marketing is like a network, you can’t do anything without paying attention to other online platforms but here I am talking about focusing.

Why Social media?

I strongly believe that if somebody knows “why” find the way to how to do it well. Then every business should answer this question, why social media marketing?

In the following paragraphs, I would like to share with you some of the very reasons that say why marketing migrate to social media.

Social media marketing

Give you the tribune

I like the way I am talking I mean this heading with this weird word but this is serious. You see, you can say anything on your social media page. Whenever you want, you can set a goal, change the topic, listen, answer, and be active. The floor is open and the tribune is always belonging to you.


No need for huge investment  

Marketing comes with the cost, some companies lend loans for marketing goals. Is it really necessary? When you start a company, you are short of staff, have not enough money for marketing plan. Social media is a good place for marketing.

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 As the internet comes to work for an easier life, it will be easier for businesses. Having an account on social media is almost free.  

You may say what about costs those come across? That is correct but you don’t need a loan or a big- budget. 

Skills, strategy are more important than budget.  

Get to know your audience

If you want to listen to your customers, social media is a good place. Social media is a place for sharing, listening, knowing the preferences of your audience that live all around the world.

I like strawberries, you like apples, I never eat papaya, they are not preferences. Here I would like to talk about real preferences, real conversation for example; I like to know when this kind of product is available. For example, let us say, you are a programmer working on teaching programming as well, someone would ask you to teach him/her C++ which is a programing language and you are not planning for teaching it yet. Social media give you the chance to know your student preferences. It is time to start teaching C++.

Boost your brand

Some small business use social media for selling product but big businesses use  social Media are for for brand awareness.

Some big companies use Social media  for branding. They do not care about selling products on social media anymore. For them, social Medias is a place for showing people what they are doing, what a new product is, and so on.

Last word

Marketing on social media works but you should keep in mind three rules of social media Marketing:

First, you need a strategy but who doesn’t need it? If you want success, plan to make your way easier, then stick to it.

Second, I am not sure it is a piece of good or bad news, but marketing on social media is more than marketing, you have to go more, you need to be updated, and creative. There is no time to waste your Competitors are there do their best with a brilliant idea.

Third, these platforms changes like crazy, you need to be fresh. Everything on social media goes stylish on one day and goes unstylish the day after that, this is the nature of social media. You have to keep up with it. Freshness also stays you at the top.

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